What the world needs now is "Beaver Builder for Dummies"

This is not a question, but a general comment. I’m finally starting to make progress with Page Builder, but looking back, I realize how much time I spent because I didn’t speak the “lingo.” Among other things, I’m an educator. Over the years I’ve learned that the hardest points to get over to students are the points you didn’t even think you NEEDED to get over. Case in point:

Years ago, I wrote my sister a tutorial on how to use a personal computer. At one point I said to type in a certain command, then “hit the return key.” No, she didn’t take a hammer to the key, but she came back with:

“WHAT return key??? There IS no return key!! I only see an Enter key!”

Duh. It never even occurred to me that I’d have to explain THAT!

I’m learning that it’s the same thing with web developer lingo. I’m a software engineer from way back, but it’s almost always been in scientific applications like space trajecctories and simulations. What happens is, people in different software disciplines develop different meanings, sometimes for the same words. You guys who are experts in web development know excactly what the words in your lingo mean. But they mean something else to the rest of us.

To me, the word “function” means something that returns a numerical value. To you it means something else. To me, the words “row” and “column” refer to elements of a matrix – almost always a matrix of floating point numbers.

This is nothing new, of course. To a dentist, the word “matrix” has something to do with filling teeth. Although you and I are all people of reasonable intelligence, I can no more make sense of a journal on brain surgery or quantum electrodynamics than a porpoise can understand wheels.

So consider this a gentle plea: When describing what I should be doing to use Beaver Builder, please don’t assume I know the meaning of the words you use. They may mean something entirely different to me.

Think of me as just another porpoise, Ok?

Thanks for the feedback, Jack! Our documentation, etc. has always been and probably always will be a work in progress. We certainly want to make things easier for people and appreciate the feedback!