What's the "Best Practice" for adding a custom header?

Hi BB.

I want to create a different layout on the BB-theme header. I actually want to do this for nearly all my clients.

So far I have just been ‘overriding’ the header with a child-theme file, but it feels clunky and inflexible to change on the fly.

Is there a better way?

I was thinking it would be nice if the Theme actually scanned for “Files named: header_xxxxxxx.php” and then listed all of them so you could select any of the custom ones you’ve made from a drop down list.

Is this possible with a function?

Hey Jay,

I have already assigned another member of the team to assist you with your inquiry.


Hey Jay,

Currently, the way you are doing your custom header with a child theme is the best way I know of and typically best practice. I’m pretty sure a function to call various headers isn’t really possible either, but I’ll check with the team on that.


Thanks Billy,

Yeah, even if you guys added 1 more header Layout ‘option’ as “My Custom Header”, which, by default, is just some instructions where the header should be telling us how to create a new file in the Child Theme. That way it would save over-riding other theme options that may be legitimate choices when it comes to customizing later.

Did that make sense? It’s hard to talk about this kind of stuff without point & show.

Hi Jay,
there might be a better or easier way for you: Dynamik Website Builder from CobaltApps. DWB makes it easy to write new custom functions, custom templates, custom CSS etc. without writing code. Perhaps you give it a try. You’ll find the videos here: DWB videos. DWB works together with BB really fine. Another source is Colin’s website: Dynamik Beaver. He talks a lot about the DWB - BB integration.

Regards, Leo

Hello, you can use our add-on product to create custom headers. Check out this article to learn more: