What's the secret to tightly wrapping inline images with text?

One of the features I really hope to be able to use with BeaverBuilder is to create designs where I wrap text around images. So far, I am finding that getting the image in the right position is very hit or miss. I can’t figure out why BB sometimes adds excessive vertical padding instead of allowing the image to be wrapped by text. I’ve been searching and I can’t find any discussion around this issue other than the very basic explanation of how to click on the "align right’ or align left buttons.

I’d love to hear from someone who has mastered this technique, This is the page I’m working with

On this page, I’m trying to get the photos of the pianist (Anne-Marie McDermott) and the Calidore
String Quartet to be wrapped around text. Ideally, the top of Annie-Marie’s photo would be aligned with the top of the text block and the Calidore Quartet photo would not be surrounded by white space. Both images were inserted into paragraphs with no white space. I’ve tried about 10 different techniques to get this to work and every time there is excessive white space.