when moving from dev to live, css file still referances the dev site.

I move alot of sites from our development server to a live environment every week, I usually leave the dev site up for a few weeks just incase I need to reference the dev when making any changes to the live site during the first week or so.

I also do a migration on the DB for all the dev url into the new live url.

The move today, I had to kill off the dev site as soon as I moved the live site. and I noticed that all my images has disappeared. After some testing a I found out that the beaver builder css file was still referencing the dev site. it was not until I re saved the page that the css rebuilt its self and I got my images back. I had re save every page to get all pages to show the images.

my question is there a way when I move the site that I can have the images url update and have the system rebuild the css without resaving every page?

Hey David,

Are you making sure to use the Serialized Search and Replace tool mentioned in our Page Builder Development docs? If not, that should be what you use to ensure all moves as it should. Give it a shot and let me know if you have any further trouble.