Where can I edit the core layout templates?


I just bought the BB Agency and I’m newbie. I like to create new core layout templates and editing the existing templates. Where can I do this?

Hello László,

Welcome to the Beaver Builder Community! You can create layouts or modify existing layouts on the page builder then save them under Tools > Save Template. You can then export them under Tools > Export > Layout Templates.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for your quick reply.

I’ts not what I asked.

I use bb on multisite and I like to crate new CORE template, which appears below the “home pages” or “content pages”

I would also edit that templates which appers below this template categories.

Hello László,

Thanks for the clarification! Unfortunately, that is not possible yet. But we are working to have that functionality implemented, just don’t have a concrete timeline as to when though. Better watch out for the Change Logs. :slight_smile:


Hello Ben

It’s not a very good news. I thought that, this is a basic funciton of the Agency version.

1, Your layout templates sources (images…) linking your website and the language is english. I do not want this and it’s not appropriate for me.
I like to change all of this sources in the templates and I also want to be translate to.

2, Your templates is very good but few. I like to create more e.g. landing pages etc. I will not be able to teach my clients how to import new layout templates therefore should be displayed the new templates below the core cateogries.

The BB editor is very very good but above this it is very important to me.

Can you help me in how I could slove this problems?


Hi László,

I’m sorry, but at the moment, the core templates are not editable and you cannot replace them. You only have the ability to create your own. However, in the page builder settings, you can disable the core templates and only show yours to your customers if that helps. Check out this article for more info on the settings panel. As Ben’s mentioned, we are diligently working on this important functionality and hope to have it ready within the next few weeks.


Hi Billy!

First sorry my poor English.

The modules created by you is really good but you are not being honest.
I don’t want to dispute, Please solve my problem. I like to use the plugin and the theme white label because I paid for this.
This will require changes to the core templates and bb theme.

1, Here:

Justin Busa wrote almost the same as you but this was on November 10, 2014 at 10:07 am. This was long-long time ago!

2. Super admins should be able to create their own core templates to be used sitewide.

We plan on adding that feature eventually, but aren’t sure where it fits into our development schedule yet.

2, I found the code of core templates in this file:


I think you deliberately sabotage the editing of this file.

3, I paid 399$ for the Agency version, where you recommended white label function.

I paid for this:

White Labeling allows site owners to replace all instances of the words Page Builder or Beaver Builder with their own company name or fictitious page builder name.

But I’m not what I got!

I’cant create and modify core templates and core templates file (you protect this file). The core layout templates included your name, website, website url, your email… many times!
I Can’t change this to my name, url, website, email…! I’TS NOT WHITE LABEL! All of my customers looking your name, pictures, website, email … Where is the white label funciton?

I want to modify the core templates because I paid for this in the BB Agency version!

So Write me please, how can I modify and creating new core layout templates!

4, The default bb theme also not white label.
I can’t change the footer credits (which can also include links to your site). I’ts not white labelling. Why I must coding to white label if I paid for this funciton?

This is in the footer of every page if I click on credits link.

WordPress Page Builder Plugin by Beaver Builder

I do not want to search that where is the credits. Write to me how can I white labeling this!

I really hope this problem will be solved as soon as possible and so I can use this plugin as I paid for it.

Hi László,

Sorry you’re having trouble here. Good news, though, we are going to be releasing an update that will allow you to modify the core templates very soon. We’re tentatively planning to launch it this weekend.

Regarding the templates.dat concern, we aren’t deliberately sabotaging editing this file at all. We promise :slight_smile: Actually, all of Beaver Builders code is open source and released with a GPL license. We encourage anyone to modify and experiment with the code.

The reason you’re having trouble editing the file is because the data is stored as a serialized object. Unfortunately, you can’t just update the text in the file because it breaks the serialization. You can read up more on this here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serialization

For white labeling, this feature doesn’t apply to the core templates (although, you will be able to update the core templates soon). In the theme, you can override our default site credits by adding your own content to the footer. You can do this from the WordPress Customizer tool:


I hope that helps. We definitely want you to be happy with Beaver Builder. I think after this future update, you’ll be very satisfied. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your patience and understanding László

  • Robby


The templates.dat file is serialized. You can’t change that file without unserializing it first. I wrote a script that unserializes the array into JSON, I make my edits, then serialize it to a file.

The footer credits are easily changed as well in the parent theme. includes/copyright.php

Hope that helps.

Hi Robi

We’re tentatively planning to launch it this weekend.

It’s good news for me. I hope it’s really going to happen. This weekend is the last time that corresponds to me to modify the layout templates.

For white labeling, this feature doesn’t apply to the core templates

The core layout templates are part of BB Plugin. I bought the complete BB plugin with core templates and white label funciton. Limitation was not mentioned when I bought the BB plugin. Your website nowhere limitation talks about.

I paid for full white label function not limited.

The reason you’re having trouble editing the file is because the data is stored as a serialized object.

Thanks, I understand this. The end results, I can’t modify and white labeling the BB plugin because no function for this and I’m not a programmer.
I’m pretty disappointed because I paid for this reason.

In the theme, you can override our default site credits by adding your own content to the footer. You can do this from the WordPress Customizer tool

This is true. Sorry it was my mistake.

The BB plugin is good and i liked it when i bought it. The quality and functionality of the software now also like.
I think I will be happy if I get to the promised (and paymant) function this weekend otherwise you will not be happy for me. :slight_smile:
I’m really looking forward to the weekend :slight_smile:


Dear Metthew!

Thank you for your reply.

I am very pleased that you solved your problem on your own scripts. Unfortunately, this is not going to help me because I’m not a programmer and I will not be able to create any serializing script.


Thanks for this solution but Robby was right. You can modify this from the WordPress Customizer tool.

Best regards,


Yes, Robby is correct. I changed it in the file for different reasons. Looking forward to this update as well!

Dear Robby!

It has to update and I can modify the core templates now. I’m very happy :slight_smile: Thanks!!!


Hey László,

That update has just been released. Please check the Change Logs or this blog post for more info! :slight_smile: