Where is the Woocommerce Module

Hi Guys.

Just setting out to build a site with a retail function using BB pro for the first time. Can you tell me how to find / activate the Woocommerce Module please?

I’m using version 1.6.2 with Genesis 2.1.3 and Dynamik on WP 4.3

Many thanks, John

Hey John,

Thanks for getting in touch! It should just be under Advanced Modules. You’ll need to install WooCommerce first though. :slight_smile:


Thanks Ben

Can you be more specific about what I need to install? Is it the Genesis Connect for WooCommerce or something else?

Thank you as always

Hey John,

You shouldn’t have to install anything aside from WooCommerce. Our plugin comes ready to use a WooCommerce widget while in the editing interface under advanced modules.