White labeled help docs?

I have the agency version for the white labeling. Is there any way to white label the knowledge base?
I know you can remove the link in the network settings but would be nice to allow access to all that info and make it look like they are still on my site. Is that possible?

Also, what is this for? Enable Templates Admin

When I create a new subsite I can copy over all my pages & the bb theme & plugin. However it seems like any custom templates I saved it my site I use as template for creating new sites does not get copied over. Is there a db table that stores those user created templates?

Maybe the templates admin allows for that sort of thing?


Hey Maurice,

Sorry but that’s not possible. One way around it would be for you to copy the contents of our KB to your own site, possibly on a private or noindex page, so we won’t get dinged by Google for duplicate content.

The Enable Templates Admin just shows the Templates menu on the backend. It allows you to edit your templates without going to the page builder, categorize them and etc. For a multisite, you can share templates by enabling Override Core Templates under Settings > Page Builder > Templates. You can the blog entry below for more info regarding the same.

Definitely let us know if you need anything further! :slight_smile: