Why do changes not stick in beaver builder?

Many, many times I have built pages in beaver builder and published them, made subsequent revisions and published those, but the changes do not take. I make the changes and publish and they revert back to the original page. I have deleted modules and rebuilt new ones from scratch, and published those, and the old version shows up on the site. Why is that?

Many many reasons, could really be anything, could a js error on the page preventing the save, could be a poorly written plugin spewing HTML into the ajax responses, could be a fatal error preventing the save. could be none of those too. Could be caching. Could be caching, could also be you are caching your cached pages, could be you are on siteground and not using their cache plugin. Could be a html error on the page, could be an unclosed html element.

Basically, open a ticket and let someone look at it.

How can I turn this inquiry into a ticket? That is what I’d like to do
the website is www.kswrightassociates.com


Hi, my website has an issue with themes and templates. I think that’s where the issue is anyway. But many times I have made updates, hit publish, and the changes will not be saved. on this page in particular, the button at the bottom, and the disclaimer have been updated numerous times, but the changes never stick. The button should be centered, not left justified and I’ve removed the “www” in the web address in the disclaimer. I have fixed them both many times, but it never sticks. I’ve deleted the button and created a new one. it still reverts back to the left justified position??

You need to open a ticket, do you have a license or did an agency create the site for you and you are using their license?

i don’t think we have a paid version of BB; and yes, an agency originally built the site. So we have a market commentary template, that is first built in wordpress just for the basic details like the url and the seo terms, and then the actual page is built in BB using a template. What kills me is that you should be able to easily modify the whole things; and for aspects like new headlines, add pictures, links etc etc, that all works fine. But sometimes formatting issues, like the button for instance is super stubborn. I need a way to fully over ride the template so that it takes all the changes that I make. BTW I have updated the template itself, and that hasn’t helped.

You still need to open a ticket, you can’t share details here its a public forum. You can use the contact form. Have you tried contacting the original agency? Also, have you tried dialling back on the caching could be that. Also might be the unclosed paragraph (p) you have on the page.

unclosed paragraph - that sounds like a possibility - is that the disclaimer or is that something technical?

so on my phone, the changes are made, just not on my desktop. is there a split somewhere in BB that only updates for mobile devices?

No, thats probably the super aggressive caching you have going on. Remember mobile phone companies cache the crap out of their networks too.