wont save changes to website templates

I’ve tried several times making changes to my home page, I can see changes in editor but they go away after I publish my changes. when I go to edit my page again it shows default template text.
Im able to change pictures in my slideshow but not able to change any text nor change callout icon or layout in any way.

I’ve tried using Firefox and Chrome browsers with same results. my site is hamakomtech.com

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Hi Miguel,

I have just this moment logged into your site and made two changes to your homepage. When I published the changes, the changes remained. Is this issue now resolved?

You can see my changes on your homepage, I removed on image from the Slider and added Danny Test ! to the Case Study #1 Callout module.


As per hosting provider, I’ve disabled ModSecurity on my cpanel account and turned out to be working properly now. this has been resolved. thanks for your help.

Hi Miquel,

Happy to hear your issue has been resolved and thank you for taking the time to inform us. We appreciate it.