Woocommerce - Modift Layout of Standard Shop Page Template

Hi Guys,
I’m having a blast integrating Woocommerce with Beaver Builder.

I have struck an issue I hope you can help me resolve.

Woocommerce installs with a standard template page called “Shop”. I can’t find any way to get Beaver Builder to control the layout of this page.

I am happy with the standard Shop page layout except for the “Default Sorting” field on the page, which doesn’t allow searching by product name. However, BB does have Content/Wordpress Widgets/Woocommerce Product Search element that does exactly what I need, but because I can’t add BB elements to the Shop page, I’m stuck.

Do you have any way to add the “Shop” page to the pages that can be modified by BB? It’s already set to “Pages” under “Settings”.

Thanks Guys - I’d appreciate any assistance you can offer.

David - WEBinate

HI Beaver Buddies,

Further to my last question, I have a simple workaround. Allowing the “Search” tool in the Menu using Customizer “Header/Nav Layout/Nav Search Icon” obviously provides a “search” function on all pages, including the Woocommerce Shop page. Products can be found in the Shop using this standard search tool.

This is just a workaround, and not really very intuitive for the User. Have you guys thought about creating a Woocommerce “Shop” page template with BB and adding it to the standard BB content templates section? This would be a cracker addition!!!

Hey David,

WooCommerce generates the layout for the page you set as their shop page, BB won’t be able to control it, pretty much the same thing with archive pages. If you want, you can remove the shop page that is set on your WooCommerce settings, then you can create your own using the BB WooCommerce module.