Woocommerce - outputting product attributes


I am trying to use the BB, UABB / PP modules to create an e-commerce website. The problem i have is that i cannot find a way for any of the modules to be more granular in what they can actually output, specifically on the archive view.

For example, we have some attributes such as SKU, Power rating, Load speed and there is no way to have the modules output this.

The only 2 modules i can find that have any sort of customization options are the standard bb posts modules and the UABB advanced posts module. These have the option for a “custom post layout” where i can enter html and shortcodes in order to output extra fields, although due to them not being woocommerce oriented modules filtering for things such as featured products is not possible. I would prefer to use a woocommerce module.

So is there a way of customizing the output? What is the standard way to go about this? An additional plugin? Am i missing something obvious here?

Advice would be gratefully received.
Thank you.


The WooCommerce included in Beaver Builder simply uses the WooCommerce shortcodes. So if you want to change the output you will need to customize the WooCommerce shortcodes themselves.

If I understand correctly, then you want to add custom data to the Post module. If so, then the best option is to use the Custom Layout Editor option which is only available when you have Beaver Themer installed/active.

From here, you can use field connections. If the data you want to add is coming from a third-party plugin, then you will need to create your own field connections for that data, see below. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply Danny,

So for my ecommerce site, it is better to use the standard BB posts module or the UABB advanced posts module? As none of the woocommerce modules within BB, UABB or PP have the option for a “custom post layout” and so i have no option to even enter in a shortcode, standard or custom.

I will read through that link you sent me, i take it that presumes a level of competency with Javascript to get working? I am hoping i can try to reverse engineer what it says , but perhaps it will be a bit too much. Time will tell!!


This is from the UABB Advanced posts, the standard BB posts module also has this. But there is no option for this that i can see on any of the woocommerce modules.

Please disregard what i have said, i have since found that i can add in the attributes this via the Woocommerce interface itself rather than the BB modules. My mistake there.

Although, from the screenshots i have shared above, from this “Custom post layout” is it possible to filter the results? or is this only to output?

I need it to only output woocommerce products and /or only woocommerce featured products.