WooCommerce plugin

I’ve read somewhere about a WooCommerce plugin for BB, but I can’t find it. I’m looking to customize the product template of WooCommerce. Can anyone point me to where I can find this plugin/module?

Hi Cameron,
it is under advanced modules - you will see it when in Page Builder edit mode.
So everything related to BB (builder) is within the ‘Add Content’ button when you are editing a page…
HTH, Dave

Hi, Dave.
Thank you for the reply. What’s the module called, as I don’t see it under Add Content > Advanced Modules?

Hi Cameron,
Do you have WooCommerce installed ?
I think they only show if the plugin exists (which makes sense if you think about it!)
Cheers, Dave

Do’h! Thanks, Dave! You’re a genius! Once I activated WooCommerce, the WooCommerce module appeared under Advanced Modules. I’ll have to play with this more tomorrow. I was hoping to modify WooCommerce’s single product template once and have all my client’s products use that one template. Is that possible with BB?

Hey Dave,

Thanks for jumping in! We really appreciate it. :slight_smile:


Sorry to say but that’s not going to be possible since the page is generated by WC dynamically. The only part of the single product page you can edit with BB is the product description.


Hello we have a great blog post article that walks you through how to customize product pages using Beaver Themer: