Woocommerce Products Module missing elements and image hooks


I am using Beaver Themer on my new woocommerce store alongside beRocket woocommerce ajax products filter. This has a setting to show the image linked to a filtered attribute (for example, filtering by the colour blue will show the variation image linked to the blue attribute). This doesn’t work with the Woocommerce Products module from Beaver Themer.

I have spoken to the BeRocket support team, who state that the filter requires the woocommerce_product_get_image hook to replace the image, which will not work if this is not used. Is there a way to make sure this is how the module brings in the image? If not, is there a way for me to customise this?

On a similar note, the module does not show the ‘compare product’ tick box that is supposed to be brought in by the ’ WooCommerce Products Compare’ module. Is there a way to make sure that this is also shown using this module?


Did you ever get this solved? I am having the same issue with swatches and variation galleries.

Sadly not yet. Still waiting in hope that someone has an idea on this one!