WooCommerce Settings No. of products and Columns


I am having a bit of a problem with displaying specific WooCommerce categories and the layout.

Hovering over the tooltip gives you a overview on how to find a specific Woo category, but when I enter the number, not much happens.

A second thing I am struggling with is the display of the products and the columns. Standard column setting is 4 and when I change this to 3, the columns adapt, but there is a (empty column, empty space) on the right hand side, so the collums do not fill the width. I can imagine that 4 columns will use 25% per column and 3 will use 33%.

As suggested I have deactivated all plugins exept BB and Woo.

My specs:
Server Enviroment:
PHP 5.5.33

WP V4.4.2
BB 1.7.6 (Standard Version)
BB Theme 1.5
BB Child Theme 1.0.0
WooCommerce V2.5.5.

Safari V9.1 (11601.5.17.1)
Chrome V49.0.2623.110

Thanks in advance. And please use ALL CAPS when I missed something glaringly obvious.

Hey Warner,

Sorry to hear about the issue! Are you using BB theme? If not, the issue with the columns sounds like a sidebar that’s added by whatever theme you’re using. You might be able to disable it in your theme’s settings.

Re the Woo modules, I’m sorry for asking, but you have added products to the site correct? If so, please respond with your URL and a temp access to your admin and we’ll take a closer look.


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Hey Warner,

Thanks for providing us with the logins! For some reason, the width of the li elements is not being adjusted according to the number of items and I’m not sure as of this moment if this is a bug or a plugin is conflicting with our CSS. Anyway, to quickly resolve this just add the snippet below to the custom CSS of your site.

.fl-row .fl-module-woocommerce .fl-module-content .woocommerce .products li {
    width: 30.8%;


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Hi Warner,

I have gone ahead and reported this to our tracker. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.


Hi Danny and the Beaver Builder Crew,

Thanks for your help and feedback. I really appreciate it!