Woocommerce Storefront Full Width

I’m using Woocommerce Storefront with BB plugin. BB content set to full width doesn’t go to the full width. Can you advise?

Hi Belinda,

The BB content not going to ‘full width’, which I take refers to ‘edge-to-edge’, is a function of the Storefront theme. You will not be able to achieve this layout without some coding, or perhaps the Storefront Customiser extension:


That said, the BB Theme / BB Child-theme does allow for this type of layout.


Hello Lyle,
Thank you for the feedback. Yes I am now looking for an ‘edge-to-edge’ layout for some rows.
I am well into the design and development of the project so I am uncomfortable with changing Themes at this stage. So I want to stick with BB plugin for content.
You mention some coding - can you advise further on this.
Meanwhile I am looking into the storefront-woocommerce-customiser.
Thanks in advance.

The container for the woocommmerce plugin for the store i think is set to about 90% you need to change it within css .

Hello Diane,
Thanks for the feedback. I’m struggling to find the CSS that is guiding this. I am continuing to search.
As a note - storefront-woocommerce-customiser has no effect.
I will advise further.

Do you have a link

Hey belinda,

We are looking into this and will get back to you shortly. It would be great if you could provide your Website URL for us to have a better look at your issue.