Word wrap of media in text box fails

I’ve been using BB for more than 3 years. One CONSTANT problem goes like this:

  1. Create text box and load text into it
  2. Add media (photo from Media Library) and position it.
  3. Publish!
  4. Almost ANY subsequent edit anywhere on the page and ALL the media images UNWRAP the text. (Sometimes this happens after I go into the WP editor to fix something that BB doesn’t do. NOT layout, but other back end stuff.)
  5. Laboriously fix EVERY image position and Publish again.

What the hell is going on? Is the BB text module unable to keep images fixed in position?

I need a solution to this. It’s costing WAY too much time and effort.

Thanks to any BB gurus who can solve this.


Do you mean wrapping an image around text like this?


If so, can you provide a recording showing your issue. As I add made several amendments to the Text module and the text always wraps around the image regardless of how much as I have no issue adding additional text

Hi Danny,

Yes, that’s correct.

Here’s a sequence of screenshots to illustrate from my end.

NO. 1 — Published version (not production site). What was wrapped text in BB is no longer wrapped.

NO. 2 — BB version, no edits. Just going to BB for a look.

NO. 3 — BB version with a single edit (a backspace)… Looks good, although the word “Brainstorm” is not wrapped properly.

NO. 4 — Published version after BB textbox Save and Publish. Cache purged. But… the problem is back, as if the edit was never made.

I’ve followed your instructions but I am not able to replicate the issue. Can you disable all plugins except for Beaver Builder and see if the issue persists.

If it does, can you send us a support ticket.