WordPress language changed

I first set up a page with the German language pack but the site shows Spanish content.
After the setup I realized, that all messages come with german notifications, which is absolutely understandable. Therefore I changed the WordPress language settings in the settings to Spanish and hoped, that would be enough. Unfortunately, the messages still come up in German. Espacially the contact form validation messages from the Beaver Builder Form have a high priority!
Can anyone help me with this?

Hello @Stef ,
You can change WordPress language after installation by Log in to your WordPress dashboard and go to Settings>>General.
In the Site Language dropdown list, select the language you want to use. Click Save Changes.

Thanks a lot! That was, what I did, and than the cache didn’t show the result as I expected. But now all is fine and all works. So sorry for not closing this issue. And absolutely great, you reached out. Have a great day.

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