Wordpress Widget filter not working as expected

Hi, I have The Event Calendar Pro plugin installed in my theme. That plugin comes with a few baked-in widgets such as an Events Mini Calendar. They also include category filters so that you can only show events from certain categories, for example “Sporting Events”.

I’m trying to embed their widget on the page using your Wordpress Widgets module, and it mostly works as expected, however the category filters aren’t working properly. I believe I’ve narrowed this issue down to something in the behavior of your Wordpress Widget module.

I’ve tried:

  • Embedding their widget using their provided shortcode, via your HTML advanced module - Works
  • Embedding their widget using Wordpress's Appearances > Widgets area - Works
  • Embedding their widget using your Wordpress Widgets module - Works partially, but the category filter does not work

Any idea what could be causing this?


Hey Ryan,

We’ve had issues in the past with Event Calendar Pro, but those have since been fixed so no idea! Would you mind sending along temp admin access via the private reply option below?


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Hey Ryan,

Do you mind sending a copy of the plugin over to themes [at] fastlinemedia [dot] com so we can do some tests on our local dev environment?


You bet, just sent you an email with the plugin file.

Thanks Ryan, we’ll take a look soon!


Hey Ryan,

I looked into this issue and it appears that the select dropdown for categories doesn’t have a “name” attribute that is needed by all inputs to send data back to the server. If that’s not available the data for the input can’t be saved.

I took a look in wp-admin and it looks like they are using some JavaScript to populate a value for that field elsewhere. I’m not sure where, but it’s likely that their JavaScript isn’t loading on the frontend.

Since all we’re doing is rendering the HTML for their widget form, and it’s impossible for us to know what logic is required for their fields (aside from the standard name attribute), you’ll need to contact them to see if they can get it working on the frontend. Sorry I don’t have a better answer for you.


Ok thanks Justin, appreciate you looking into this.