Working with Heroic Themes Knowledge Base Plugin


I’m trying to get Beaver Builder and the Heroic Themes Knowledge Base plugin to play nicely together, but hitting a bit of a wall.

The plugin leaves the design of the knowledge base articles up to the theme, and I have followed their instructions to ensure their templates are made available in my theme as described here: herothemes(.)com/support/knowledge-base/integrating-heroic-knowledge-base-with-your-theme/

The issue I’m having is the default page for the “KB” doesn’t seem to be acknowledging the theme. See the result here:


Yes, I have moved the CSS over like recommended in their article, you can see it here: kgmustangs(.)com/wp-content/themes/bb-theme-child/style.css

But as you can see in the page I shared, it’s ignoring it. Or maybe I am missing something very fundamental? vey possible…

FYI, I was able to replicate the page using the builder here: (so I know I can get the desired affect)

The problem comes to the pages.

For example

Something Amazing 1: kgmustangs(.)com/knowledge-base/something-amazing/

Something Amazing 2: kgmustangs(.)com/knowledge-base/something-amazing-2/

Something Amazing I migrated to a BB template, and was essentially able to create the desired affect. Is that pretty much what I have to do?

Something Amazing 2 is using the default setup.

Am I missing something here? Or do I need to just convert each article I add, modify the template file to do away with their settings, and essentially create a new template using BB?

Sorry, lots of questions, just trying to think through how it’s supposed to work together. Thanks in advance for any advice.

Feel free to tell me to shove off if this is the wrong place to put this… :slight_smile:


Ok, think I was able to work my around this.

No need to respond.


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