Wow, all my work is gone.

I just spent much of the day using your program to build my page. I went to the backend and clicked EDIT for the page. It came up in the normal WP editor without any of the styles of course. Just text/images unformated. I canceled out and went to pagebuilder and ALL MY WORK IS GONE on that page. I am beyond frustrated. It can’t be that easy to just have all your work gone, like that. I never deleted anything or saved anything that would delete anything. I do have my work on one screen fortunately but if I click on pagebuilder, it just shows blank canvas. So I clicked SAVE PAGE AS and downloaded the html and css. I need you to go and somehow restore what was gone. I don’t understand how something like this can so easily happen. Somewhere you have a really bad bug in your software. Just let me know what email to send files to and I will give you login info to restore what is gone. Thank you kindly.

Hi Mike,

I’m sorry to hear about this and understand your frustration. Could you send me a temporary admin login and link to the page in question so I can check a few things out. It should definitely not be that easy to lose content, and the builder does make use of the revision system, so hopefully we can figure out the root of this so it doesn’t happen again.


Thanks for the quick response. Unfortunately I keep revisions off because they keep piling up. I see no way to send you the login info privately. Can you provide that?

Hey Mike,

Unfortunately, without revisions on we may not be able to recover your work, but I would like to work with you to see how this might have happened.

As best as you can, could you tell me the exact steps you took to publish the page?

Also, based on your original post, is it possible that you had launched the builder in multiple browser tabs at the same time? I ask because there was a bug with doing so a few months back but it was fixed. I’m wondering if it somehow came up again.

I can assure you that this is not common at all and something we take very seriously. I apologize for the inconvenience.

To send private login info, there should be a checkbox below this editor that says “Set as private reply”. If you don’t see that you can email me directly at justin [at] fastlinemedia [dot] com.


Yes, I had the builder open in multiple browsers to test things and to make sure I didn’t lose my work. Turns out… that is probably what did it, huh? I really don’t know exact things I did except open in editor in backend and then had pagebuilder open in frontend in a few different tabs. But I’m thinking that may have been that bug.

I’m hoping I can re-create the page fast and then I’ll just save it as a template just in case. And I won’t work in multiple windows. I really want to stick with this program because I hate the other ones, but I’m just frustrated that this happened. It was like 4 or 5 hours of work.

The beauty of your program is that it took me only 20 minutes to redo it all… partly because I had my other window open I could copy and paste.

Hey Mike,

I did some testing and found that while the original issue with editing in multiple tabs is still fixed, if you publish a layout on multiple tabs you run the risk of your content disappearing. That is definitely not something we want to happen so we’ll make sure to get a fix out in the update we plan on releasing next week.

My apologies again for the hassle and thanks for stick with us through it. I’m glad to hear you were able to rebuild the page quickly.

Keep an eye out for that update. It should be out by Wednesday.


Another way around the multiple tabs issue is to use another browser to display the front end of the site. This is the method I use. I do my work in Chrome and have Firefox open in another monitor (could also be done on the same monitor - just click the FF icon and F5 to refresh and see the changes).


You and I have exactly the same system.

It works extremely well:)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Just an incognito mode in chrome will do the job for the F5 trick :slight_smile: