WPML (and Polylang) multi-lingual plugin support

Hi guys,

Do you experience some issue with WPML plugin? Does it work with Beaver Builder?

I’ve tried to test it this way (using TwentyFifteen theme):

  1. Installed a WPML plugin, set up languages, everything else is default.
  2. Created a new page (in English) and used some BB editing (just 2 columned text layout).
  3. Then I wanted to create a Slovak translation from the duplicated original English content (this is native feature of WPML).
  4. Then, when launching BB for Slovak translation page, I get these PHP errors:
    Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in ...\wp-content\plugins\bb-plugin\classes\class-fl-builder-model.php on line 2166

    Fatal error: __clone method called on non-object in …\wp-content\plugins\bb-plugin\classes\class-fl-builder-model.php on line 2099

    And the page does not render at all - not a preview without BB editor.

I also have issues with Polylang plugin. Specifically, I can not use the BB for translation pages (for Slovak version of the page). Maybe this is related to how Polylang modifies the page’s URL, but is there something that can be improved in BB in this matter or should I contact Polylang developer for help?

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Hi webmandesign,
about WPML, Justin is following the issue on the WPML forum https://wpml.org/forums/topic/calling-addslashes_gpc-when-duplicating-posts-breaks-serialized-post-meta/

About Polylang I’ve never used it and can’t really help, sorry.


Hi Alessandro,

Thank you for update. I can see the things are moving just now - had a good timing :wink:

As for Polylang, this plugin seems to be the best free replacement for WPML, so it would be really nice to make BB working with it.



I hope the WPML guys will give some love to this issue, for the moment we can workaround the problem as follows:

  • open the page you want to translate with page builder and save it as a template (look in the Tools)
  • go back to the wordpress editor for the same page
  • click the WPML plus icon for the language you want to translate to and don’t check the duplicate checkbox
  • fill the title field and save the page (draft or not, doesn’t matter)
  • click on the page builder activation button
  • choose the template you saved on the first step and you’re done


Ahh, another workaround finding…
If you already duplicated a page using WPML duplicate function and can’t manage to delete it, deactivate Beaver Builder, trash and permanently delete the broken duplicate, reactivate the builder and follow the steps on the previous post to make a sane duplicate.

Woah! This is a scary post to wake up to today :frowning:

If my coffee-less brain understands this right, at the moment, in order to translate pages, I would first have to create a template for each ?

And what about posts?

Polylang is not bad at all. My understanding is that they aim to be a fluid replacement for WPML, so they are fully compatible with a WPML setup.

It’s a slim lean package, but it doesn’t have the extras yet, like being able to handle WooCommerce for example.

I also have issues with Polylang plugin.

We had another customer that had issues with Polylang. He said the issue was on their end, so they may have not released a fix yet. You might try contacting them about that.

If my coffee-less brain understands this right, at the moment, in order to translate pages, I would first have to create a template for each ?

The only part of WPML that doesn’t work with the builder right now is the “Duplicate” button. The “Copy content from (LANG)” still works. Hopefully WPML can get this fixed soon. I will follow up with them if we don’t hear anything.


Ah! Thanks for clarifying.

That’s not too bad then, and surely resolved shortly? It’s on the WPML side, right?

That’s not too bad then, and surely resolved shortly? It’s on the WPML side, right?

It’s on the WPML side but I’m not sure how quickly they resolve things like this. Their support appears to be pretty good so hopefully they don’t take too long.


They can be as awesome as you guys at times, and other times, well…

Hi guys,

Sorry for delay in my answer…

First, I can confirm when creating a new translation for page with BB content, when copying the content from original page, everything works perfectly fine. So the issue is with duplicating the translation and that one is on WPML side… :wink:

Just to let you know, I’ve just logged a ticket for Polylang support, hoping this will work with BB too. https://wordpress.org/support/topic/polylang-beaver-builder



Hey Oliver,

Thanks for the update. Let us know what the Polylang guys say.


Great news about WPML, a fix for the issue that was causing troubles with BB will be released with the upcoming 3.2 version.


I have a bit of an update for Polylang. The plugin actually works with the BB. However, currently there is kind of UX issue. Please read https://wordpress.org/support/topic/polylang-beaver-builder for more info.

For anyone that stumbles across this, it appears this can get Polylang working with Beaver Builder…

In Polylang settings:

select the option - The language is set from the directory name in pretty permalinks

Make sure this in NOT ticked - Hide URL language information for default language

select this option - Remove /language/ in pretty permalinks

make sure this box is ticked - The front page url contains the language code instead of the page name or page id


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