wpml language per domain

When using wmpl - language per domain setting (I have a .nl domain setup for Dutch language and a .com domain for English version), the Page builder is not visible when switching to the other language, so can not be used.

This looks like a bug.

Hey Karl,

Do you mind sharing temp admin access to the site in question as well as steps to recreate it?


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any news on this?

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Hey Karl,

So it looks like the issue here is a cross-domain issue. What’s happening is, we’re logging in to the .nl version of your site and when we switch to English, we get redirected to the .com version of the site, which we aren’t logged in to. BB requires you to be logged in before it works. The thread below actually discusses the same thing. We’d suggest getting in touch with WPML, they might be able to get the login to work cross domain. Or use the subdirectory option.

Hope this helps and let us know if we can assist further!


yes, but BB is not on the compatibility list, so not much chance they will try to solve this. I thought it was compatible with WPML?

Hi Karl,

Like Justin mentioned on the topic linked by Ben. The issue is related to cross-domain and Beaver Builder is working as intended. If you’re not logged in, you’re unable to use Beaver Builder.

Please, contact WPML and keep us posted with what they suggest.


I have contacte them and this is the answer I already I expected to get:

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Hello and thank you for contacting WPML support!

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention.

Beaver Builder is not in our compatibility list.
The developers have to make sure it’s fully compatible with us.


WPML gives assistance to authors to make it compatible.

What we need to move on:

  • The Ticket link
  • The Client’s name and email
  • The theme/plugin link
  • The author’s name and email
  • Detailed description/screenshots (if necessary) of the problem/s in order to help both the author and our
    developers to identify and resolve the incompatibility issue/s
  • Access to your WordPress


Hey Karl,

Just wanted to chime in here and let you know that we are aware that we need to become WPML compatible and do have plans to do so here in the future. Apologies for the inconvenience, but it appears your best and easiest bet would be to having the languages in subdirectories at this point in time.


Hello guys,

what about if I want to use BB Theme + BB Plugin + WPML without the cross domain feature? My setup is standard like:


Any know issues about this?

Thanks in advance

That setup works, but for me not an option.
Dissapointing that BB is still not wpml compatible, which is the standard in language options.
Multi language websites are more and more part of the global economy and I feel somewhat restricted now in using BB for future projects.