You should include the option of testimonials with fixed height


The configuration of the testimonials module (perhaps others that also include slides) should include the option to have a fixed height. That the user can choose the current behavior, indicate a specific height or have the height adapt to the largest content, without changes on each slide.

The height adjustment behavior is really awkward when the testimonials are different lengths and that module is not the last one on the page.

Can it be done via css / css+javascript? Yes of course. But then what is the point of using Beaver Builder?

Already the content of the testimonials implies having to do work with CSS if you want something “elegant” because the options are null. If I also have to code the behavior of the module and get it to look good on all devices using CSS, we are at a point where it seems even ridiculous to use BB, don’t you think?

Please add this option. I’m sure many more people will agree with being able to change the behavior of this module directly from BB.


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AGREED! Be sure to go to GitHub and give a Thumbs Up vote for this as a Feature Request. Give Testimonial Slider a fixed height option · Issue #300 · beaverbuilder/feature-requests · GitHub