Your Business Practices and How To!

Hi - I have a question about "What is your current business practices in the case below?"

When you create a website for a client and use BB and various other add-on packages for the creation of that site – if that client(s) decides they would like to maintain and otherwise look after their own site — what is your business practices regarding this?

In more detail: if the BB subscription is licensed in your name and you have purchased and licensed the various add-ons – do you just hand over the site with all this software to your client and then continue to pay yearly subscription fees for the software that makes it work?

I originally thought that if I could make a site on my own server then make templates of that site and then import the already made by me page templates into a “free” version of BB Lite that that might work - but I have been told it won’t work without all the other software that was orginally use to make the site.

What I am looking for is an answer to your business practices regarding the above AND any suggestions as to how this can be done without continusly paying for software subscriptions for someone else - year after year.

Thank you in advance for you help and suggestions.

Hey! I have a start up with my boyfriend and we would like to make a website as well. We need help, how to do all this?