YouTube Embed Issue

I have previously used the video module to embed YouTube videos from my YouTube channel onto my website with no issue. Now for whatever reason, when I add the embed link to the video module all that shows up is the link itself and no video.

The YouTube videos that I have previously embedded still show up on my website with no issue but if I try to embed the same video right now as a test, all that shows up is the video URL. My YouTube access is unlisted for all of my videos and that doesn’t seem to be the issue as the videos I have previously embedded still show up with no issue.

I’m just really confused to why all of a sudden I’m having this problem after years of no issues.

Thanks in advance,


Why do they not let you post when you make a new account? I need support.

I just want to add to this thread a strange problem on my site. I’m embedding a few youtube videos on a page but one of them wasn’t showing up, just the text url (…). So I tried some different videos, they all worked. Then I tired the problem video on a different page. That worked. So it seemed to be a problem with that particular video on that particular page. I thought I would try one last thing and use the normal url, not the sharing url, (…) and that worked just fine. It seems to be the same in the text module and the video module. Obviously it’s not a big problem now since I found a solution but I’m curious to know what the reason might be. Does anyone have any ideas?