z-index Setting

Is there anyway to handle the z-index other than adding a custom CSS in the customizer? I want to be able design something like this ( https://www.dropbox.com/s/cuehytb45jwf70j/Screen%20Shot%202015-09-04%20at%208.30.34%20PM.png?dl=0 )

I need to be able to make the header transparent and add a negative margin to the row that has the main background, this can be done with settings already :slight_smile: so, please let me know about the z-index.

Copy and paste the image url. And BTW, I also just noticed you can’t make the header transparent via settings?

This is a general feedback … I went to change the background of the entire website on the customizer and I thought the setting was broken because no changes were being made, then when I scrolled down I realized that it was making the change at the very bottom under the footer area meaning that the header, content and footer bring by default a white background setting, I think it’d make more sense if at least the Content and the Footer were transparent by default so that when a user changes the background on the customizer he gets the desired effect, and of course, it’d be nice to have the ability to make the header transparent.

One more thing Needed … The Fixed header needs its own color settings, right now it inherits the colors from the normal header which is some cases might be an issue (could be inheriting colors from normal header by default and thats ok), but for example here on this site that I am working on, I made the Header transparent and links white to achieve the look I wanted, but when the fixed header looked like a white empty bar (because links where also white) also an opacity setting for the background would be sick!

Hey Carlos,

Sorry to say but the z-index option isn’t available via BB. We like to keep things simple and it feels like the z-index option is rarely being used. You can achieve what you want though if you check the KB article below.

You can set the Header, Content, and Footer backgrounds to transparent. Simply go to their settings under the Theme Customizer and delete the default hex value then click out of the color picker. That should make the selection transparent.

Regarding the Fixed Header, if you’re trying to achieve that layout, it requires custom CSS. I’d suggest applying custom CSS to set the colors to white on the transparent header then make the default link color to black. But you can head over to our User Voice Forums if you want to add that as a feature request. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!