BB admin bar has stopped appearing


I added some JavaScript and CSS in Tools > Layout CSS & JavaScript and since then the BB admin bar has stopped appearing when I click on Beaver Builder from the WP admin bar on any page of the site:

This is the page I added the code to

This is the JavaScript I added to make a BB module toggle. The toggle button is at the bottom of the page:

  const targetDiv = document.querySelector('.target-div');
  function toggle() {

This is the CSS I added:

  .display-none {
     display: none;

This was following the instructions from this tutorial: Running a script in response to onclick()

I don’t know if this is causing the problem but the BB admin bar disappeared after I added the code.

I would greatly appreciate any help with this.

Many thanks,


Here is an update:

When you load the page this error appears in the console:

Uncaught SyntaxError: missing ) after argument list

and this is the JavaScript I added which is missing the ) at the very end (See attached)

const targetDiv = document.querySelector('.target-div');
const toggleBtn = document.querySelector('.toggle-button');
toggleBtn.addEventListener('click', (e) => {

How can I edit or remove this JavaScript? I can’t access it from WordPress because the admin bar is always hidden.

Also, I have set up a testing environment to check for any plugin conflicts. The only two active plugins are BB and Woocommerce and the BB admin bar is still not showing.

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I have fixed the problem. For anyone who has a similar problem, this is how I did it:

The JavaScript code created in Beaver Builder is not saved as files. The JavaScript code is saved in database tables.

I was able to removed the JavaScript that was causing the error by doing the following:

In cPanel > phpMyAdmin I went to the website’s database and searched for this pattern “const toggleBtn = document.querySelector”

There were a few results found in the tables wprf_options and wprf_postmeta

I was able to carefully remove the JavaScript code from:

  • the option_value field of wprf_options table
  • the meta_value field of the wprf_postmeta table

This fixed the problem. I hope this helps.


We have a support tool we use to remove accidentally added JS … 2.4 will have a built in tool too :slight_smile:


Thanks for your message - that sounds good and would really help. `

How can I access and use the tool?

I am using Beaver Builder (Standard Version) version


You can upgrade to the alpha if you want to give it a try