Beaver Builder 2.4 Alpha

The 2.4 Alpha is now available. We have some exciting things in this release that we hope you will enjoy. Remember, this is Alpha. Please do not use this on a Production environment as there are bugs and features could be changed or even removed based on testing and feedback.

Note: We are in the process of switching documentation systems so I’m afraid there are no docs yet. We are hopeful they will be ready for Alpha 2.

2.4 Alpha 1 - March 26, 2020


  • NEW: List Module
  • NEW: Search Module
  • NEW: Login Module
  • NEW: Button Group Module
  • NEW: Integration with Assistant
  • Video Module: Add new options to show video in a Lightbox, hide player settings, and sticky positioning
  • Row Backgrounds: Now you can use embed codes. Use html to embed videos from other sources or show sliders from other plugins using shortcodes
  • Subscribe Module: Added GroundHogg integration. GroundHogg WP Plugin required to use.
  • When using layout shortcodes, move the css needed to the head instead of the body to avoid validation errors.
  • Update editor used for code editing

Bug Fixes

  • Fix form fields not showing correct responsive editing device
  • Fix row background custom position fields not toggling properly
  • Fix callout module links not properly showing as nofollow when selected
  • Fix callout link text alignment

Thanks, Jamie,

That’s great . All is very clear except this one line for me:

Also if you want to take bug reports here can I offer this:

Cheers @waumsley … ive added that to the ticket, the login module is very much a WIP

We use the Ace editor script for our areas where you can add code. We’ve updated that.

Thanks for testing!

Ace Editor latest version 1.4.8?
Vs 1.2.2 currently in BB (not sure of the exact versions)?
Just to see what’s been added to Ace between BB 2.3 and 2.4.


2.4 Alpha 2 - April 30 2020

  • BB Lite now has 3 additional modules: Button, Heading & Icon as well as a select few pre-made page Templates.
  • The same new templates that were added to Lite are available in all paid versions
  • Responsive Editing/Preview: In global settings, you can toggle to use your actual settings for responsive editing & preview instead of the default fixed width. The breakpoint width is also displayed during Responsive Editing/Preview
  • Add attachments to our link field search
  • Subscribe Module: Using terms and conditions check box now activates the Sendy GDPR flag for the contact
  • Add post classes to Post Slider and Post Carousel Modules so they are consistent with the Post Module
  • Countdown Module: Update to use a date picker and add field connection for Themer
  • Debug Mode: Add content of child theme functions.php to debug output and allow editing of Layout CSS/JS and Global JS/CSS in WP Admin if debug is enabled
  • Accessibility: Remove blank lines from Callout Module
  • Accessibility: Add screen reader only text option to Icons
  • Accessibility: Add for labels to Subscribe Module
  • Accessibility: Allow choice of placeholders, labels or both for form elements and allow spacebar and enter to submit the form in the Contact Module
  • Accessibility: Testimonials Module - flip controls so markup matches display
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed using Template in BB Categories causing Saved Templates item not to show in content panel
  • Fix column and row text color settings overriding module set text colors
  • Fix color picker order not being saved after publish
  • Fix conflict with Pop-up Builder plugin and Text Editor module
  • Fix Post Slider text background color not displaying
  • Fix typos/capitalization issues in some strings
  • Fix MSWord quotes replaced with escaped single quote in importer.
  • Fixed login module button colors and added security checks for login and logout functions.
  • Search module: Fix various issues and add dutotone Icon support
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Thanks Jamie,

Nice update. New responsive previews and accessibility are great.

Will the BB lite version updates only be available on the WordPress repository when 2.4 goes live?

I find the new responsive view option pretty limited and would dream of an interactive view adjustable by dragging or by typing a width value in a field… like Chrome Dev tools responsive view.

I know, sorry, never happy users! :sweat_smile:

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Replied on Facebook but for others, you can test BB Lite Alpha 2 here:

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