Beaver Builder 2.4 Beta

We are now at the Beta stage for 2.4! Here’s what’s changed since Alpha 2:

Bug Fixes

  • BB Lite - fix tour info issues and some php notices
  • Fixed MultiSite domain mapping causing responsive settings to go full screen
  • Fixed Autoptimize aggregate CSS causing responsive settings to go full screen
  • Fixed notice for alt tag displaying when using SlideShow Module
  • Fixed Import/Export not working with custom modules with _ in slug


  • Style hardening for UI tables, select 2 dropdowns, setting modal headings, and the media library modal
  • Content Slider - if transition and delay are equal or if transition is higher than delay, prevent save
  • WooCommerce Module - add ability to sort and include specific category IDs
  • Add *main* as an option to row/column/module container tag options
  • Search Module: Separate options for the AJAX search results, styling options for full screen layout, height is now responsive and removed source for now since there is only one option.
  • Video module embed now renders shortcodes

Thanks for the update @jamie and the lite version to test. Will you be optimizing the template images? I know it’s only for demo purposes but I think the page weight can be halved.

Beta 2 is here!

2.4 Beta 2 - Jun 08, 2020

  • New Filter: fl_tabs_id_in_label to allow Tab module IDs to be used as a prefix in the module output.
  • New filter: fl_loop_paginate_links_args to allow changing of the text in pagination.
  • Add SpinupWP to cache clearing tool.
  • Alert on BB Settings page for []( hosting users when htaccess blocks all JS in uploads folder.
  • Search Module: Search results appear as you type when AJAX results chosen, added width option for AJAX results and moved AJAX results below input text field.
  • Login Module: Add shared styles tab + Typography for buttons and inputs
  • Fix for Parallax on Safari iPadOS. Parallax is now disabled to avoid unwanted zoom on parallax images.
  • Fix for Video background not sized properly on the TwentyTwenty theme.
  • Fix JS error when slideshow row background speed setting is set to minus sign.
  • Fix deprecated warning in WordPress 5.5.
  • Fix for imported items not showing the layout CSS/JS.
  • Fix for conflict with Mailster plugin where post data did not show in WP Admin.
  • Button Group Module: Nofollow/New window options now work.
  • Menu Module: fix for some Menu Module typography fields outputting empty
  • Fix for a PHP notice appearing when offset option in Posts module was set to blank

Stable will be very soon based on testing so far :slight_smile:

2.4 Beta 3 - Jul 10 2020

  • Font Awesome Pro subset support added! See for more info.
  • Keep lightbox open when Publish Shortcut Key is pressed.
  • Add option to change the Post Title tag.
  • Search and Video modules - fixes & enhancements
  • History can now be completely disabled by setting FL_BUILDER_HISTORY_STATES to 0 or false.
  • List module - Change List container, icon set plus additional icon placement options.
  • LiteSpeed plugin added native support for Beaver Builder so litespeed removed from supported plugins in cache extension.
  • Fixed lodash issue when using Events Calendar and Assistant plugins.
  • Fixed an importer issue.
  • Hide Block Editor Inserter when editing a BB-enabled post.
  • Fixed JS error of Post Spacing left blank in post Carousel
  • Fixed incorrect history order on sites running the MyISAM database engine.
  • Make sure mediaelementplayer library is available before trying to access.
  • Fixed typo error which resulted to incorrect editing status message.
  • Links to CSS files were sometimes broken when loading via shortcode.
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2.4 Stable is here! Released as a Download first. Auto-updates are on for sites already using the Alpha/Beta. And all sites will get the auto-update soon.

There is a 2.4 changelog that combines all of the releases but for those of you that tested, wanted to provide what’s new from Beta 3

Bug Fixes

  • Menu Module: Fix accessibility issue with Flyout layout close button & Line Height not working for link items
  • Button Group Module: Fix stacking alignment issue
  • List Module - Fix some alignment issues and remove margin for icon
  • Search Module - Fix overall background/border not applying to the right element on Button Only layout set to auto width
  • Fix deprecated notice in PHP 7.2 or higher with InfusionSoft Library
  • Hide WP Block Inserter button underneath the notice that BB is enabled
  • Remove autoload from options that we can, like fl_notifications
  • Fix a fatal error in certain cases when a used module goes missing
  • Fix PHP notice about undefined offset when dropping a Posts module onto the page


  • Button Group: Add padding options for individual buttons
  • List Module - Add text color options for List Items
  • Debug Mode - show phpinfo() if available
  • Add new filter fl_media_modal_types to change the file types that show in the media library for photo and video modules

Plus the and fixes.