BeaverBuilder Posts Carousel Not Handling Clicks in Chrome or Opera

Update 6/13: Ticket is open with BB on this and we are looking into the issue.

I’m having a problem with the BB Posts Carousel in that clicks on the post box are not processed - that is, the user is not taken to the single posts page. This used to work, but I can’t say when it stopped working. I’ve also noticed that the link clicks work in Edge or Firefox, but don’t work in Chrome or Opera. Also, I’ve inserted a PowerPack Posts Carousel and the links work.

Just an idea: maybe a JS event.preventDefault() interfering somewhere and preventing the links to trigger(?)
But why would they trigger in some browsers and not others…?

Yeah, this is weird. LInks work fine in Edge or Firefox, but fail on Chrome and Opera. And the PP Posts carousel works. It’s just the BB Posts Carousel.

This seems like the same issue, but just with the callout module using a slider effect for the content.

I have the same problem. I have found out that the problem lies only with touchscreen enabled computers.

I have the same problem, and mentioned it in another thread. In Chrome, post carousel links aren’t working.


If you’re experiencing this issue then you most likely have “Touch” enabled on your operating system. Disabling this should resolve your issue. :slight_smile:

Any word back yet from the slider developers? Hopefully you will hear from them soon. Obviously we can’t go around telling all touchscreen users of a website to turn off their touch screen.

All the information regarding this issue is in this github issue:

There are various links to chrome bugs, firefox bugs and a lot of fixes that dont fix the issue including the one we applied that fixes the links so they are at least clickable.

ohhh really thanks!!!