Beta test version 1.6.4 of the Beaver Builder plugin!

@Robert thanks for the feedback! Regarding version numbers, we do x.x.x for major updates and x.x.x.x minor updates. We used to just do x.x.x for everything. The early feedback we got on resizing columns was that having precise control was preferred but I’m thinking that maybe we can have it snap by holding down shift while resizing. Or we can have it snap by default and allow for precise control by holding shift. We’ll talk about it.

@László it looks like the issues you are experiencing are related to hex values that only contain numbers (e.g. #123456). We’ll get a fix out for that.

@Carlos I think your issue might be related to the one above as well. We’ll have a new beta out to test soon with the fix. Having dynamic presets is an interesting idea, but probably won’t work in this case since all of the color fields are independent of one another. However, making them talk between the builder and customizer is something that we can look into for a future update when we get back into theme dev. We’ll look into the Animated Numbers bug! Thanks!

@Kathryn Thanks for the reports! It looks like the first issue might be related to caching. If you try refreshing a few times, the new UI CSS should take affect. Regarding the fonts issue, we’re aware of that and will be releasing a fix to the beta soon.

@Lyle Thanks for the feedback. Setting the colors in the admin settings page is a great idea, but we’ll probably hold off on that for this release. If you want you can add that as an idea on our UserVoice page. :slight_smile: I’ll be going through that soon and adding to our roadmap.

@webmandesign You are the man! Thanks so much, that is indeed the issue. Just saved me a bunch of time. :slight_smile: I like the idea of adding a filter for _fl_builder_color_presets but I do see some issues with that. Primarily the fact that those probably shouldn’t have delete functionality and that string keys won’t work with Iris. What if we create a filter called fl_builder_theme_color_presets that allows you to pass in an array that will be merged with the user saved presets? That way, whenever your Customizer setting is changed, you can just pass in a new array.

Hey Justin!

I am actually merging the array right now and using array_unique() to remove duplicates. The issue with merging is that every time the user saves Customizer, a new colors will be added to existing ones. Depending on how many Customizer color changes the user has done, the colors preset array may grow rapidly… That’s quite an issue that would be solved by array keys. But I’m aware of the issue with Iris and just want to point it out in case you have some workaround for that.

Even these predefined theme color scheme colors could be removed from the color presets via color picker tool. I don’t have issue with that. Everything actually depends on how the theme developer sets things up. I have it refreshed when the user saves the Customizer settings.

And, I think there might be a solution for the array keys issue: you can actually allow setting up the array via filter with array keys and then just strip those keys just before you output the array into Iris JS setup with array_values() PHP function. How about that?

Well I’ve realized now that when you save the color preset via color picker the actual array keys will be missing so my proposed solution won’t work…


Actually you are right! If you only merge the filtered array with user defined colors, this would work. And it really doesn’t matter if those colors are deletable or not I think. But please use the proposed array_values() when merging the array so it is allowed for theme developer to use the array keys that will be stripped only when you merge the arrays in the plugin. I think it would do that way.

Sorry for the hassle in these messages :wink:

Hey Oliver,

No worries! I think that will work as well. We’ll just take the array values from whatever you pass to fl_builder_theme_color_presets and merge them with the user defined presets. Users won’t be able to delete them since they aren’t saved in _fl_builder_color_presets, but I think that makes sense anyways since they are part of the theme and should be managed there.


Just a heads up. We pushed out an update to the beta that fixes the issue with heading fonts. It also fixes the issue with the Animated Numbers module where the total field shows for “Only Numbers”.

This new update to beaver builder is amazing!

I am on Safari, so I don’t knaw if it is just me, but the color picker is broken in this beta. It flashes for a second, but never stays.

Anyone else see this?


That will be great! Thank you!

1, I found a funny bug in the number counter modul.

The problem is that, you can set the “number” field higher than the “Total” field. :slight_smile:

Try these options:

Bars counter and the “Number” is 1500 and the “Total” is 100. :slight_smile:

2, It is not good that the height of the Bars line is determinated by the “Number size”!

The big problem is that, I can’t create thin, graceful bars becouse If I set the “Number size” 2px the bars line will never be thinner than 11px.

There are many web design requires a thin bars line (smaller than 11 px)!

I think this is a big problem, the “bars line” function so largely not usable so.

Hi Justin,

I uploaded the new version and still have a problem with the helvetica font override in my headers as soon as I open the page editor . Can you help please?



Hey Justin,

Seems to be a little bug on the Heading font selection. Using Chrome, I selected a Google font, then cancelled the changes (didn’t commit the change). The Heading did not revert back to it’s original font once I’d cancelled and exited the module. However it did revert once I saved the page.

Hope that helps.


@László thanks for the info! I’ve filed a bug report on #1. Regarding #2, we felt that it might be confusing to have a bar height and font size since that would allow you to set a height and font size that would make the text go outside of the bar.

@Kathryn sorry about that! I just updated the beta with a small fix that should finally take care of that issue. You may need to clear the builder’s cache when updating.

@Colin thanks! I’ve filed a bug report regarding that.

I updated the beta and caches… The wrong color preset bug is still exist.

I saved the #999999 color. If I click on this, the color that will be displayed is an another #0f423f color.

Hi Laszlo,

That actually hasn’t been fixed yet. We should have an update to the beta next week.


Hi Justin, no worries just I thought you improved this.

I still have a problem with the number counter modul.

1, If I set “Only numbers”, I can’t set the “Number Type” (percent or standard). I wan’t to use Numbers counter but not percent!

2, If I set Circle counter and Percent, the Total field is not showing and not working!!! The Total field is showing and working with Standard and Circle numbers settings.

3, If I set Bars Counter, the Number Type and the Total field is not showing I can’t set this fields

It is now as if it would be worse than it was before the update :slight_smile:

I looked it again!

The situation is even worse. The Number Type and The total fields is confused. Test this 3 fields becouse its working totally wrong.

First look the Only Numbers. You can’t set the number type and total filed not showing. Now go and set Circle counter to standard and than return to Only numbers settings, now the Total field is showing and the Only numbers counter functions as if it would be set up the number type to normal.

Even many of those bug is here. Test it fully.


I wanted to ask you Why I can’t align this module (left, cener, right)?

Is there any way to correct that image resizing to thumbnail bug? I want to show the new full-size to a client but it keeps going to blank. :frowning:

I have a suggestion for the heading module. I like the fact that I can pick a font for the heading in this version. It would also be nice for the module to use the default heading font that was set in the customizer first, then be able to choose to change the font if needed. If I missed the option to do that then please disregard the suggestion. Great work by the way. These new features are awesome!