Builder changes not saving or reverting back to original after a save.

Builder changes not saving or reverting back to original after a save.

this happens on builder 1.3.2 havent tested this on the builder 1.3.4

it looks like there is a few theads with the same issue. I have been watching my process and have noticed a trend, that might help solving this issue. I have also goten some php errors to show up occassionally that might help.

my process has been to create a new sub domain on my server. Then install the latest version of wordpress through cpanel, once installed I upload the theme and child theme. install the builder plugin. then upload and activate the bugherd plugin. then upload the template.xml file that we have created and exported with the first install.

a few things I have tested, it dosent matter what theme is intally uploaded yours or mine. it dosent matter if I switch theme yours or mine after the error happens. and The builder is the only plugin installed.

The most common issue I run into is the deleting of moduals. what I mean is that I delete a modual like the callout one, it deletes just fine but when I go to another modual and save the deleted modual showes back up. it also showes back up when I click done and publish my changes.

the most common php error is

Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$type in /home/tkvumnix/public_html/uzeeum/wp-content/plugins/bb-plugin/classes/FLBuilderModel.php on line 526

Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$parent in /home/tkvumnix/public_html/uzeeum/wp-content/plugins/bb-plugin/classes/FLBuilderModel.php on line 493

Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /home/tkvumnix/public_html/uzeeum/wp-content/plugins/bb-plugin/classes/FLBuilder.php on line 982

it usally happens only happens on 1 page in the system and it usally happens when I select one of the xml templates I uploaded. I have had it happen once on a header drag and drop into the system and I have had it happen one one one of your prebuilt template.

deleting the page and starting over always solves the issue, but thats not going to work on a site thats ready to go to the client or a finished page.

It happens so often on the sites that have has the template.xml file uploaded that I quit using it. I also quit installing the bugherd plugin. I supect that it has to be the upload. but I have tryed a handfull of difrent version of it. and still run into the bug.

I can give you an handful of site to look at, pages that have the issues, along with WP creds and FTP creds.

Hello David!

We just released a large update last night that should be available to you. We think this update will take care of the issues you are having. Would you mind updating and reporting back to see if the issues still arise? Make sure to clear your cache after updating and looking forward to hearing how it goes!



you guys rock, love the builder. Not sure you get enough love here but I love the system.

I have the new update already and rolling it out. I will test it and let you know what we find.


Thanks for the kind words, David, we aim to please! :slight_smile:

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Thanks David, we’re looking into this.

Hi David,

Do you know if that page was created before or after we released the update? The reason I ask is because I did some testing on a new page and everything seemed to be working fine but that page in particular seems to have corrupted data.

I would like to do a little more testing but your server has started to timeout and I’m getting a message from Chrome saying the website is not available. I’ll check again in an hour or so.


Actually, looking at your previous post, it looks like maybe the issue is with import/export. I’m going to test that out today and see if there is an issue there.

I appreciate you looking to this issue.

and to answer your first question, yes this is a clean install with the new 1.3.5 builder, Then added the xml file and then added the pages and then added content to the pages.

Hi David,

Can you send me a copy of your XML file?

justin [at] fastlinemedia [dot] com



Thanks, David! I’ve done some more testing but am really having a hard time recreating this issue. I can see that the layout data for the Join Our Team page is corrupted, but I can’t figure out how that happened.

It does sound like it has something to do with import/export of layout templates as you’ve mentioned that it happens when you use your XML or the builtin templates. Do you know what templates in particular might be causing this issue? Is it all of them or a select few?

The issue that others were having was with limiting post revisions (which is now fixed), so this does seem unrelated to that.

If you can get anymore info on how to recreate this, that would be helpful. I’ll do some more testing tomorrow.


I will keep on my team. See if we can start seeing a trend that can be duplicated.

I know how challenging this can be when you cannot duplicate the bug. if I see it again, I will let you know here and hopefully a trend starts to show

thanks for your work

we have seen this bug crop up more often on the xml imported site than without the import, so that was my trend at the moment. :slight_smile:

Thanks, David. And thanks for your patience. Much appreciated! Let me know if you find anything. I’ll keep you posted as well.


I have had 2 sites do this again

both have the 1.3.5 version of the plugin

site 1
developed in chrome, the page got corrupt when my PM was adding in a header module.

site 2
developed in FF, the page got corrupt when my PM was duplicating the header module

not sure if that’s enough for a pattern yet, I have upgraded to the 1.3.6 for now.

Hi David,

Thanks for the additional info. That’s helpful as it gives me some actions to test. Did this happen when working with your XML templates, our templates or a blank layout?

I’ll do some more testing tomorrow.


oh ya I was going to add that info into the last post :slight_smile:

both had the imported xml file, we have 3 plugins on the site, Beaver Builder, Wordpress Importer, and bugherd.

we also started exclusively using the beaver builder parent and child theme.

we had selected one of our templates and where in the process of tweaking them. Both PM that this was happening on cannot remember if it was during the initial set up, after selecting the template or if they have published once or twice. I will have them watch for that to.

Thanks! Out of curiosity, what server setup are you running?

Apache version 2.2.27
PHP version 5.4.32
MySQL version 5.6.17
Architecture x86_64
Operating system linux
cPanel Version 11.44.1 (build 19)

Hey David,

Just a heads up that I haven’t forgot about this. It’s a tricky one and we’ve been a bit busy with client work this week. I’m going to spend some time testing this weekend. I’ll let you know how it goes.