Cropped images getting recreated

We’re having the same issue as in this post:

We have over 2,000 sites with BB running on litespeed servers with the litespeed plugin on each site

Some images in the /wp-content/uploads/bb-plugin/cache/ folder randomly get deleted from that folder. They do get recreated again when the page is called. But don’t get recreated when the cached version of the page is called, Therefor they stay broken until the next cache clear.

With over 2,000 sites we can’t go back and crop all the images and reupload them, so we’re looking for alternative solutions.

Our sites don’t autoupdate plugins/ themes or core, so what is causing the images to be deleted?
It’s like something is firing which clears the cropped images but the same thing doesn’t fire a litespeed cache clear.

I’m not sure if this is a clue or not:
Example of missing image:
This image (which is the same image) does exist:

So when the page is called (without caching ) this image gets recreated: dreamstime_s_94984993-square.jpg and all is fine again.

Is beaver builder confused because they are the same image?

There is no code in BB that deletes images from the cache folder.

When you use cropping, the image is first uploaded to the uploads folder, then it is cropped, then the new cropped image gets saved with the cache id added the syntax is

[filename]-[crop-type]-[hashed url]-[node-id].ext

Then the original is deleted.

Clearing cache, updating the plugin etc do not clear out the images, only css and js

So maybe there is something else deleting your images?

Thanks for that.
We also use UABB so are asking them if they have code that will delete images for any reason as well. It’s their module that does the cropping.
It’s been a very hard problem to track down as it only happens certain images over and over again. Other cropped images on the same pages are not effected.