Error! Settings not saved


For the past week or so my team have been randomly getting the above message when trying to edit content.

I found this post related to the message:

However, they are seeing it when just doing simple things like editing content in a text box. There are no sensitive scripts or iframes involved.

The site has been running for 18 months and we have had no previous issues like this.

As mentioned on the above post, I am able edit the content fine as as super-admin on a multisite installation.


There will be a fix for this on Monday. If you are desperate contact support for the changed file.

That’s great, many thanks.

Has this issue been resolved for you? We just got the update but are still running into the issue when adding regular modules like text and image.

If you still have an issue please open a ticket

I have the same error, even though i updated to the lastest version :slight_smile: Any ideas?


If you still have an issue please open a ticket

It seems as though clearing the page builder cache has fixed this particular error for my team. I normally clear that out after every update but hadn’t had a chance yet.

The following reply from support solved my issue:

For multi-site, only Super Admins have the unfiltered_html capability. On stand-a-lone installs, both Admins and Editors have it.
You can use a plugin to add the unfiltered_capability to other roles. Role manager plugins that are compatible with Multi-Site should allow this. There is also this but it hasn’t been updated in a while so not sure if that still works.

Another option is to add the following to the child theme functions.php as it would give all roles the ability to add unfiltered_html just in Beaver Builder.

add_filter( 'fl_builder_ui_js_config', function( $config ) {
    $config['userCaps']['unfiltered_html'] = true;
    return $config;
} ,10
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Seems like an odd thing to have to do, we’ve been using beaver builder for several years now and only just ran into this a couple of weeks ago. Wordpress disabled this functionality for most users because it was “rarely ever needed”.

I agree! We’ve been using BB as well for a couple of years, on multi- and single-sites.

Did this also solve your problem?

Not sure what you mean there as nothing was disabled.

*Disabled for most users

This unfiltered_html permission could be very dangerous in the wrong hands, so please don’t give this permission to any users you do not trust. WordPress has disabled this permission for most users because they rarely need it.

No unfortunately, I used our User Role Editor plugin to grant unfiltered_html access to our site editor role but my team continues to run into issues saving regular modules unless they’re using my super admin access.