Header keeps breaking and driving me crazy

Hi peeps,

The headers on all of my Beaver Builder websites keep breaking. I clear cache and then do a hard clear cache (Shift+Command+R) and that usually fixes it. But currently, I have a website for which that ain’t working, and it’s driving me crazy: https://armstrong-interiors.com/ Attached is a screenshot of the problem.

Can anyone help? Thanks!
Donna S.

Thanks Pross,
I don’t see anything recent in the changelog that addresses the broken header, and it certainly hasn’t been fixed. I’m hearing it’s a third party caching problem. I turned off Comet Caching but to no avail. In the past, I’ve turned off the Beaver Cache Clearing by going to Settings/Beaver Builder/Tools/Cache Clearing Tool and unchecking the Enable the Cache Clearing Tool. And then I do the hard cache (Shift/Command/R on my Mac). Sometimes this has worked and sometimes not. Sometimes it works after several attempts, enabling and disabling the Cache Clearing Tool. It’s a very seat-of-the-pants approach and I’d love to know the underlying cause of what’s breaking the headers.

Going forward, I’m going to try and turn off all caching before working on any header. Thanks so much for your input!

I see you updated the astra pro plugin and your header is back

I think that’s a coincidence since this problem has been ongoing, but I’ll def keep that in mind! Thank you so much.

All I know is this morning on facebook someone reported css not loading, then a few hours later astra released an update for their pro plugin that included a fix for layouts not rendering properly, you were using 4.3.1 when I looked earlier… .now your site is 4.3.3

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Here’s another one that just popped up. (https://eclipsehotyogastudio.com/ if you want to see it live)

Caches are turned off. Can anyone lend advice on these? It’s driving me nuts. I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong to cause all these header/footer breaks.

This has been an issue I’ve had for a few years. The best thing to do it clear the cache here:

Then do a hard refresh.

I’ve noticed after that that most elements are as they were saved, but you might get the odd element that still hasn’t appeared properly.

In that case, clear BB cache again, then your browser cache and restart your browser for good measure. That solved the issue 95% of the time :0)

I forgot to add, if you’re still developing the site or it’s on a staging subdomain, enabling debug mode in WP config can be very helpful.

Thanks Robbi,

That’s kind of what I’ve been doing except I then turn off the cache on the settings/tools page and at times it works, at times not. But I’m also using Comet Cache so I turned it off and did what you said above to see if it would fix the footer. Here’s what happened lol:

The header is now broken! And the footer is still broken. I’ll take your next steps to clear BB cache again, then my browser cache and restart my browser for good measure. But I don’t want to be doing that every day several times a day.

I’m wasting so much time on this that I think it may be time to wave the white flag and go back to Divi.

What I’m most surprised at is that no one else has started a thread on this. I’d love to know what I’m doing wrong because it seems to be a rare issue. It is happening on my A2 Hosting, Siteground and I think GoDaddy hosting platforms so it doesn’t seem to be on the hosting side.

Oh Donna, please do not go to Divi, the disappearing templates after weeks of painstaking work. I nearly lost my head at the last agency I worked for! haha. Still, WP Bakery… we won’t go there. :rofl:

I think the name BeaverBuilder puts people off because it doesn’t sound techy, but it does what it says on the tin. And it can be used for any type of site. It’s the best builder I’ve used, it’s just the cache bit is a nightmare and I’m not sure there’s ever been full explanation on here * ahem to whose who watch over us *

  • Can you send me how it looks correctly while hovering over an element in editing mode?
  • Is the Litespeed Cache plugin installed, activated or deactivated?
  • Lastly, do you think you could easily move your theme changes over to Astra Child Theme generator?

Just a few wee questions, I hope I have some answer after! :sweat_smile:

Lol Robbi,

I didn’t realize Divi had that problem. Was it your own templates that disappeared? Agreed re WP Bakery… AND Elementor :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I do like Astra/Beaver Builder but this one problem is getting out of hand.

I’m so happy the forum is engaging in this caching problem conversation. I don’t feel so all alone now. To answer your bulleted questions:

And the footer in editor mode:

You can see the footer front end in the “before and after” pic above - both the “fixed” or normal way it’s supposed to look, and the broken look. (It’s still broken on the site btw). Here’s how the header front end looks when fixed/normal:

  • Litespeed Cache is not installed on my sites. I have Comet Cache but I’m thinking to uninstall it and just use the BB cache. What are your thoughts on Litespeed?

  • I’m not familiar with the Astra Child Theme generator. What does it do? We are working from our own child theme fyi.

Thanks for your help Robbi.

litespeed cache plugin must be used on a litespeed powered server, yours appears to be apache based.

I have Comet Cache but I’m thinking to uninstall it and just use the BB cache.
BB is not a cache. All it does is compile css and js files based on the current layout options and stores them in the uploads folder, a lot of plugins do this.

If you are having caching issues, rule out the most common issues - misconfigured cache plugins. How many millions of hits per day are you getting on your site to feel you need aggressive static caching?

Pross, are you confirming that the consistent header and footer breaks are due to caching issues?

No im just confirming that BB does not cache your pages. I suggest you open an official ticket

Thanks - this is the Beaver Builder cache I was talking about (not BB delete cache):

Like I mentioned, it caches the compiled css and js files needed for the layout, it does not cache pages or anything else.

Hi Donna! Was this ever fully resolved for you? I’ve had the exact same problem and it’s driving me nuts! Any working suggestions?

Hi Toby,
Nope, I’m still having the same issue. Beaver Builder suupport staff told me:

"Hey Donna,

Sorry to say but we’re not really sure how that plugin is coded or how it works.

We also tried troubleshooting the issue from our end but can’t recreate it reliably so it’s hard to check.

Other things I tried were:

Clearing the builder's cache
Turning on the default theme's header
Turning on the default theme's footer 

You can also try submitting a ticket to their support to see if they can help. :)"

I thought I built it through Beaver Builder lol. At this point I just keep clearing cache in all different ways.

Hi Donna!
Thanks! My web designer cleared the BB cache (as we always do and as you’ve been doing) and enabled Breeze. We are going to see how that works. So far so good but who knows. We host on Cloudways as a reference.

Ha ha ha. I read this many times about beaver builder and finally have a new customer with an existing BB based theme, were header and footer keep breaking apart since the last update. @roberterin Do you know how ridiculous that sounds? Hey, please dont use Divi or WPBakery. BB is better, its just having catastrophic cache failures out of the blue all the time?

Any other solutions apart from refreshing the cache all the time?