How do i add new menu and top area to blog page?

Love the new menu and the new templates feature i am using now.

But i do not see a way to add this to the blog page.

Here is a home page i am working on dev looking good

Now here is the blog page i do not see a way to add the same top banner area and menu to it ? how do i do that.?


Hey Edward,

Are you setting one page as a Posts page under Settings > Reading? If that’s the case, there’s no way you can edit that page, at least via the Page Builder, as WordPress creates the page dynamically.

If you want, you can can keep the Posts page setting blank and create a new page for your Blog page. You can use our Posts module to pull up your Blog entries. You have more flexibility this way.


Ok got it i keep forgetting that. Thanks

Another big problem.

I have the top new menu now working on the blog page but when someone clicks on a blog post it takes them to a new page and then they have no menu or any top header area so they are then stuck on a page with no menu to take them anyplace.

I do not see any way around this and if their is not one it makes the new menus system almost useless then as it will not show up on all the pages.

Hey Edward,

If you’re planning to use the Page Builder to build the entire layout of your Posts, you may want to replace the single.php file of your theme. You can follow the instructions bleow. You must be using our Child Theme for this to work.

  1. Copy the file tpl-no-header-footer.php from your Parent Theme.
  2. Paste it to your Child Theme.
  3. Rename it to single.php.

After doing so, you should have total control of your Posts. You can set them to Full Width or do anything you can do with Pages. Simply use the same template you’re using on your Pages.



Still not working.

See photos

Here is the file and renamed in child area

Here is the blog page

Here is the blog page when you click on a blog post no menu and no control it gives no menu or any formating at all.

Hey Edward,

I have the same problem. Made the header and menu with the new modules. When clicking ‘Read more…’, you get redirected to the complete blog post, at that point header and menu are gone. This also happens when you use the ‘Category’ and ‘Archive’ sidebar.

I Built the Blog overview in the Builder, and that works fine. The problem indeed happens when je click to read an entire blog post.

Hope there will be a solution soon.

Ben, I will try your work around solution, but am not a fan to mess in the code and stuff : ).

Hey Edward,

Aren’t you using the new Menu module on your Pages? You should be able to do the same with your Posts now. Just add the Menu module and the custom banner you have on top for each Post and that should fix you right up!


I don’t really recommend messing with the code as well if you’re not really well-versed with PHP but the steps I provided above are simple copy, paste, and rename commands. Again, this will only allow you to modify each single Post from header to footer without problems.

Hope this makes sense.


Hey Carlo,

I did your work around, with copying and pasting. And that part worked, and I can now ‘build’ the entire post in the builder. But than other issues are happening. And it doesn’t resolve the issue when you want to see a ‘categorie’ or an ‘archive’.

But the biggest issue is that the Post module sees your header and menu as the first sentences in your post. So your post excerpts are al the words in your main navigation you made in the menu module.

Hey Wonkatonka,

You should be able to build your Category page the same way you did your Blog page, using a Page Builder. You can filter posts shown in the Posts module via Category. Same story goes to an Archive page.

Right, but you should be able to insert a Manual Excerpt per post. On the Edit Post page, click on the Screen Options on the top right corner then check the box for Excerpt. There should be a custom field for the Manual Excerpt, anything in that box will used as the excerpt instead.



Yaa still not working.

Clicking on read more or the blog post title takes you to a blog page that then has not formatting and no BB link to click on up to to edit.

I am also using a new Posts slider on the home page and when you click on it to go to that blog post the same thing happens it takes you to a blog page with no top menu or footer.

I will be posting this customers site live maybe tonight so you can see it first hand. Hope to have a fix for this or i will need to quit using the new menu system and the new posts slider. Not so good as i have sent screen shots to my customer all ready showing the new menu.

I am replacing this older site they have so at some point my version will be up red, black and blue colors full wide to test.

The site is now up i am working on the rest of it live.

Click on a blog post here and it takes you to a page with no header or menu.

I did turn on the old menu that pops up when you scrool down but this is not right not keeping the new look of the site and it dose not show up when the post is a short one.

Or click on the post slider on the home page same thing the BB theme seems to not be connected to the blog page as it should be to bring in the same header and menu from the blog page into a blog post page.

This is the same problem i had before when i trying to use a different menu. I would of thought this would be fixed by now to use the new features.

Hey Ben,

Thanx for the advice. It works. Put the excerpt in the normal blog page editor screen, as well as the highlighted image. Then switched back to the Builder page to do the final save. And now the excerpts are OK, and the highlighted image is shown.

I’m going to build the categorie and archive pages in the Builder as well.

All is good to go here : ). Solved. Thanx Ben.

Hope Edward is getting it to work as well.

Hey Wonkatonka,

That’s great! Enjoy BB! :slight_smile:


The reason for this is because you disabled the Header on the theme. That’s why your header is missing on those Posts. The header like thing you see on your Pages is there because you’ve added them manually using the BB Page Builder. I’d suggest doing the same thing on your Posts. Just putting this here in case your confused.

Editing on Posts using the BB Page Builder is disabled by default. You will have to enable it under Settings > Page Builder > Post Types. Just check the box for Posts and you should be good to go! If it still doesn’t work, you can send temp admin access and I can check the installation. :slight_smile:

Edit: A great site you have there! :slight_smile:


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One other question did i read that agency users get to see a thumb of all their templates and rows they make? if so how big is the thumb to see.
I will need to update to agency soon when it is time to renew … any discounts for renewing and moving up to agency??

Hey Edward,

You’ll have to add that in manually for every new post that you create. That is how it works. It doesn’t modify your page templates. It only allows you to place content on top of it. If you want new posts to have the header and menu, you’ll have to use a theme. Or create your own single.php file and hard code the header there.

You can check the blog entry below for more info regarding the Global Rows.

Another member of the team will answer your question regarding discounts/renewals/upgrade. :slight_smile:


The site is still broke i can not save the top header or menu as a temple row to use on the blog posts it will not open up to get to the edit area to see the save as button.
They show as all ready globle templates has i had created them all ready but they are now not working… cant use them and will not open to edit them?? They do not show up in the list.

Here is a screen shot of it

larger image of it

Hey Edward,

That is very weird indeed. I went in to the site and played around with it. I can’t seem to recreate it on my localhost. Could you try updating to the latest version? We just released a maintenance patch that fixes a bug on the columns. Also, could you try it without any other plugins enabled? Just so we can isolate the problem? Let us know how it goes!