Images not showing on some page after I click publish

I have been having this issues for 2 weeks now. I have tried everything I can think of. On several of my pages I have pictures not showing up. I go into beaver builder, edit the picture and as soon as I change the size, it shows up. I save, done, publish refresh and its gone. I have cleared all cache, tried on 3 different browsers and I cant get the picture show up. I have even completely delete the picture and re-added it all looks good, save, done, publish and the picture is gone. This is only happening in Beaver Builder. if I edit in WordPress text editor the picture is there. How can I fix this and get it to work? – its driving me crazy.

SO again, anyone, how can I fix this one 10 of my 40 pages… I edit all images, all looks good, I save and refresh and no pictures… see attached picture of how some of my pages look.

Anyone have any ideas on this?

Please post a url to one of these pages

ok, here is a link, this is a temp site for testing.

Plus the logo on the header will not display.

all I can think is its a permissions thing, but if so why is it only doing it on some photos makes no sense. And why is it only doing it on some beaver builder pages?

Looks like you changed your uploads folder … the ones that are 404 are wp-content/uploads and images that work are wp-content/uploads/IMAGES.

the images folder is all in caps. if I make it lower case none of the pictures work.

so when I completely delete the pictures and re-add they still don’t work.

And like I said , if I edit with just the WordPress editor the pictures show, but then I loose my BB format.

and yes I use lots of folders for my images, I have to I have 1000’s of images, I have to use folders. I cant just have them all in on directory, WordPress really has a problem in that area.

when I look at a picture in the code the picture link is there 10 times, its crazy. I delete and re add and same thing.

and No I didn’t change anything. images folder was always in caps.

right, but the folder want always uploads/IMAGES its was just uploads… at some point AFTER you added the images that are broken, you changed the media folder and added uploads/IMAGES … so the photo modules that were saved instantly had broken urls now in the database.

the 10 images urls its crazy thing is how srcsets work… those are all the same image, different sizes… the browser picks the right one based on the viewport size

So again how can I fix this with BB? There are 20 pages like this. I edit the image, as soon as I do the picture its there, all is right. As soon as I publish its gone again, this is Clearly an issues with BB and you keep trying to tell me ins not.

and the folder did not go away! That never changed!

so can I edit something in the database? again for weeks now I am just trying to fix this Beaver Builder issues.

This isnt a beaver builder issue tho…

I’ll try and explain even simpler…

When you install wordpress, by default when you upload images they go to wp-content/uploads … which is where they went for the 20 or so pages, and the urls for those images using that PATH get saved in the database.

Next you changed the media PATH to wp-content/uploads/IMAGES and created more pages using the new PTH and urls

Now when you look at the 20 or so pages you originally added, the images are now all 404s because the images have moved, you changed the PATH, so the urls are broken.

I will try to explain for you. I changed the folder to IMAGES before I started doing anything on the site. I built the site, and all was working. All was working for months perfectly. this just happed two weeks ago. so stop trying to pass the buck. and regardless of any of that again how do I fix the images so they show?

Ok. Well how were the images saved with wp-content/uploads as the PATH if the PATH has never been wp-content/uploads?

Im only trying to help.

You might want to try a search and replace plugin to update the broken URLs in the database, assuming the image names are the same and only the PATH has changed.

Once image modules are saved, the URLs can only be updated if you go in and change the image in the module.

An example is this page:

If you open the browser console it shows the image 404 as but even if you go to the file still does not exist.

If you physically delete these files or move the folders around you will break references to them

ok, but I edit and delete and redo all it show and I save and its gone…

Not sure what you mean by that.

In the media page in wp-admin… find the image AILS1036.jpg what does it show for the URL?