Lost layout after migration on local machine

Ref to this thread: Lost pages and layout after migration

I’m a pretty advanced WP user but finding a strange issue with BB.

I have the WP files in a dropbox folder so I can share them between desktop and laptop, with local LEMP on each machine.

I also have a script that runs WP-CLI to export the DB and another that runs WP-CLI to reset the DB and import the exported SQL file.

That way I can maintain WP on two machines - same web address e.g. http://site1.local

This works fine for all my other non-BB sites, however, when I import a previously exported file from a working site, BB loses the layouts for all pages.

When you load in a page for beaver - all the BB layouts are in a single classic editor module.

Same happens if I export and import the other way.

Site URL is the same for each computer so serialisation isn’t an issue. Files are the same, DB name is the same, SQL is the same.

Any ideas what is going on here?