MemberPress + new BB Shortcodes = rules failing

I’m running the latest versions of both BeaverBuilder (Version 1.7.5) and MemberPress (Version 1.2.6 ) on the latest WP (4.4.2), and I’ve found a small bug (that was kind of painful to identify!).

When I create a page with the BeaverBuilder Page Builder, and use the new BB shortcodes [fl_builder_insert_layout id=“12”], MemberPress rules are not working for the page. (Anyone can see the page without logging in.) If I delete the shortcut [fl_builder_insert_layout id=“12”], then the rule immediately applies correctly.

I’m not sure if this is a bug at the BB end or the MP end, but since it seems triggered by the BB shortcode, I thought I’d start there when trying to fix it.


A bit of additional exploring: it looks like MP rules are working on the pages that are included in the shortcode, but not the main page.

Hi Dot,

What do you mean when you say “It looks like MP rules are working on the pages that are included in the shortcode, but not the main page.”.

Also, can you provide a link to your site and a page where these rules are not working, please?


Sorry, I should have been more clear. When I was trying to figure out why one particular page wasn’t respecting the rule set for it, in desperation I set a MP rule of “restrict all pages” and reloaded the “parent” page that contained the included page. The parent page loaded without restriction, but the “child” page that was included with the shortcode displayed the login message instead of the page content (honoring the rule).

I am away from my computer right now, but I will come back later tonight or tomorrow and re-enable the rules that show this issue and post links.

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Thanks for the info. I’m checking this out now.


I’m getting locked out by WordFence…

Can you look into that?


That’s really weird-- WF is installed but not activated. (I can’t access the screenshot you linked to see what specific error you’re getting.)

Edit: I just uninstalled WF entirely for today. (If your screenshot lists my server, can you take it down, since I just opened it up? :wink: )

Thanks, Dot. Screenshot removed :slight_smile: I’m checking now.

Hi Dot,

It looks like the issue is that your sidebar template is a child page of a protected page. If you make it a top level page the issue should go away. Give that a shot and let me know how it goes.


No, that’s not the problem. Or rather, I set it up that way on purpose so that you could see the behavior.

The problem is that the page linked above IS a protected page, and when the sidebar is included with the shortcode, the protection fails on the parent page. (I set the sidebar page to be protected on purpose just so that you could see that the rules were working on the included page, but not on the parent page.)

Edit: if you click Page Builder on that page and delete the shortcode that shows the sidebar, you will see that the parent page is now protected.

Ok, I got it now, thanks :slight_smile: Is there any way I can get temporary FTP access to test a few things?

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Justin, I’m not sure how you guys divvy up the tickets, but in case you didn’t see it, I think it’s possible that this is a related MemberPress/BB issue

Thanks Dot. I’m testing it out now.

Hi Dot,

Based on the issue you found above and my testing, it looks like MemberPress might have an issue with secondary queries (like for your shortcode or in the post modules).

We are properly cleaning up after ourselves by calling wp_reset_query(); so I’m not sure what’s going on at the moment.

I did test removing our call to the_content(); which fixed the issue, but that will also cause your content to disappear, so it’s not a solution.

It sounds like you might already be communicating with the MemberPress team? If so, can you show them my reply and see what they think? Have them get in touch with me at justin [at] fastlinemedia [dot] com as well.


Great, thanks!

If you didn’t get access to that other MP system, feel free to create a page or two on my dev box to test the issues from that thread as well:

we use the following Beaver Builder modules on a page, then the page view restriction of MemberPress is failing ??? – Posts Module – Posts Slider Module Strangely, the Posts Carousel Module has no negative effect.

We are not able now to protect pages that contain posts feeds, rasters etc…
If we switch off Beaver Builder or remove these mentioned modules from the page, everything works fine. Then the pages are protected.

Thanks, I will pass that info on to MemberPress and see what they say. I am so happy that MP and BB work so well together most of the time; I really hope this quirk can be ironed out, too!

Hi Dot,

Just a heads up, I’m going to install a plugin (Insert Pages) and see if I can recreate this issue outside of Beaver Builder for the MemberPress team. I’ll clean up once we’re done.