Posts in grid losing paragraphs

If using the posts module to show posts content all formatting is removed such as paragraphs, all post content is wrapped in one single para and all runs together instead of being separate lines as in the actual post.

I have been reading that in WP this happens and you have to change some strip tags function relating to get_the_content so trying a few things out on that front but not sorted yet.

In this local test I am using genesis/dynamik so would be specific to that but tested on a headway theme and same thing with the posts formatting.

Using genesis featured posts widget seems to allow the paras to be retained properly so can go with that on a genesis theme but is this the normal expected behaviour? If so really limits the custom post module if all content is just in one paragraph?

Ok, so the posts module when set to Show Content actually shows post extract right? In which case WP is going to strip the html tags out be default.

I discovered that if you add the content into the manual extract box in the wordpress post editor, by copying the code in the edit box above so the html is included, then the formatting is displayed.

Bit unwieldy that. Or found code to add to custom functions here with good explanation

That overides wp trim excerpts function and allows whatever html you wan to still apply.

Have I got that right or is there a simpler way to get BB to do that?

Hey Neil,

That looks about right as we are using the_excerpt function to display post content. However, we will be adding a setting very soon that allows you to show the full content using the_content function. That will keep the formatting, but it will also show everything in a post. I’m not sure if that’s what you want, but if it is, it should get the job done for you.


Thanks Justin,
Understood, not really a problem, just wanted to figure out how it was working. Simpler ways to achieve what I was aiming for without using the posts module so all is fine.

This “post excerpt only” issue is biting me in the butt right now - as is the lack of an offset.

If you look at the Genesis Featured Posts Widget it can do pretty much anything a designer might want in one widget - show by category, tag etc and by a number offset and by date order and by full content, number of characters or by excerpt.

I really wanted to do this site with Beaver but I may have to go back to Genesis - ONLY because there is not a good Beaver post widget yet.

Hey Steve,

We just released an update that allows you to show the full content in the post module (feed layout only, the others wouldn’t make sense). Have you tried that?

The offset piece is tricky and hasn’t been highly requested, so it has been less of a priority. I’ve made a note to look into it for the next release.


Hey Steve,

I’m following up to let you know that the Posts module now has an offset setting. Let me know if you have any questions about that.


Hey Justin - thanks for the update.

I ended up using a plugin from codecanyon which you might want to look at : Special Recent Posts :

Tons of options for offsets, categories, thumbnail sizes and a lot more. At least some of those features would add a lot of bang to both the posts module and BB in terms of functionality and home page designs.


Hey Steve,

Thanks for sharing. I’ll definitely have a look at that!