Re-opening Post Modules's 'full content' option in all views, not just Feed

Hi, I found this tread: Posts in grid losing paragraphs

BB’s answer to this issue was:
“We just released an update that allows you to show the full content in the post module (feed layout only, the others wouldn’t make sense). Have you tried that?”

My question to you is: Who are you to decide what “makes sense” and what not? There are thousands of different ways to show content on websites. Sometimes you need just Excerpt and sometimes you need Full content, no matter if it’s in Feed or Grid view. Full content can be just 2 words or 1000 words.

Good Page Builder gives options to developers. More options is better than less options. I love the BB, but this kind of limiting is just dumb.

So please add the option to show Full content in ALL views.