Saving edits occasionally stalls (loading... forever...)

When having edited a module, clicking save brings up the progress indicator. After a while, it’s done saving, and loads the page. BUT, it only works as intended 2 out of 3 times, or so. The progress indicator stays forever. Reloading the page is the only solution, and changes/edits are not saved. Makes working in Beaver quite slow, as I have to save after every little step, as else I might lose the work I’ve done since the last time I saved/published.

Same issue happens when saving/publishing pages.

I’ve encountered this issue on two different sites (the only two I’ve used Beaver on, so far).

Any ideas? What can I send you to aid troubleshooting this? Let me know.

Thank you

Hey Oliver,

Thanks for posting! That sounds kinda weird. You can send temp admin access to the site you’re having troubles with and we can take a look. And if you can list down the steps to recreate it that would be best. :slight_smile:


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Hey Oliver,

Would it be fine it we’re to create a test page we can play around with? We’ll just set it to no index/no follow.


Yes of course, that’s what I wrote;)

(“create a new test layout, etc”)

Thanks for being careful!

Hey Oliver,

I did create a test page, BB Test Page, did a lot of stuff there, editing modules, loading templates, both core and yours, doing just about everything on the page for about 15 mins but I can’t recreate the issue. Was there a specific page this was happening? Maybe we can duplicate that page and work there? I saved the BB Test Page as draft in case you want to check what I’ve done.


@ben - I just wanted to throw in that I’ve experienced this issue as well. It’s very intermittent and I can’t find any rhyme or reason as to when, why, or how it happens. Thus I haven’t been able to capture it on film for you.

Hey Richard,

That is a problem indeed. Being unable to recreate the issue from our end makes it hard, if not impossible, to troubleshoot.


I’ll just pop in to say that I have experienced this issue also and on more than a single site (local and live). It just “started” doing so; not after any sort of update, etc. Turns out (for me, anyway) that is was Chrome (Windows 7 and 10). Switched to Opera and problems was gone :slight_smile:

Yeah, the cause for these kinds of problems could be anything. It could be the content on that page(3rd party codes), the hosting having maintenance or problems, the machine being used could be misbehaving, the tab/browser could be locking up for some reason, an addon/extension of the browser acting up, or a plain bug on the plugin. The problem is we can’t recreate it, so it’s hard to say if its the plugin causing it. I’m a Chrome user, Win7 on desktop and Win10 on laptop, and I play around with BB almost everyday(to check/verify support questions) and never experienced this kind of problem before.


Thank you Lyle and Richard for chiming in, reporting you also see this happening.

Ben, indeed, difficult to troubleshoot, as it happens without any rhyme or reason / apparent cause.

I’ll try looking at the browser console/inspector, when it happens, to see if there are JS or HTTP errors or such. Will look out for it, so I can hopefully capture some more to bughunt upon:) Richard and Lyle and maybe do the same.

I’ve also had this happen several times (Chrome Win 7 desktop and Win 10 laptop), except that it always saves the changes… the page just doesn’t get reloaded after the save (and the loading message keeps spinning). It will happen consistently on a given page once certain content has been saved, but I haven’t been able to determine a pattern in the triggering content. With further changes to the content, the problem can/will go away. One time it was because I used one of the page templates with callouts (and deleting the callouts fixed it), other times it was just editing text blocks.

If I reproduce on a specific page, I’ll send credentials.

Hey Oliver,

Checking for console errors would definitely help! Let us know if you get anything.


You can also do the same, i.e., checking for console errors. But if you can recreate the issue that works too!

Thanks guys for your cooperation in figuring this out. :slight_smile:


So today, my first action (duplicating a row) in Beaver Builder hung up on me / stalled.

Console was open, and reported this:

Upon the necessary refresh, the action had not been saved, i.e. the row had not been duplicated.

PS: I’d love an upload file option in these forums;)

I think my hunch may be right (although I haven’t mentioned it yet… sigh) that network connectivity is the culprit. Look at the last line here, which coincided with another stall:

Hey Oliver,

On the first screenshot, it indicates BB encountered a JS error. Were you able to replicate the problem when you refreshed the page? It’s quite possible that a certain asset wasn’t loaded due to your network connectivity issue and if that’s the case, then it might really be the culprit.


Nope, this issue can’t be reproduced (akin to what the other guys are experiencing) – refreshing and doing the exact same thing is often successful. Really frustrating.

Hey Oliver,

That is frustrating indeed. But it would seem the problem is caused by the intermittent network connectivity problems you are having. I guess the only way to rule that one out is to use a more stable one. :slight_smile:


I can say as much as that it isn’t the wifi or router, since I’ve experienced the problem also in a coworking space (as well as home). So it would have to be my computer’s connectivity, but it works quite reliably, network-wise. Hmmm…

Could it be that Beaver is finicky / doesn’t fail as gracefully as it perhaps could, when connectivity is momentarily lost - if just for a split-second? Just a thought.

… WordPress for example, comes up with its “connection lost, backing up your post in the browser” solution.