Sticky post display within Posts module

Hey Team - Is there a way to tell the Beaver Builder Posts Module to display a sticky post first? I saw this prior thread here: Sticky post not working but wasn’t sure if changes had been made to allow that option after the date of that post.

If sticky posts are not able to be treated uniquely by the post module, might you be aware of a third party vendor providing posts display with such a feature?

Thanks in advance! -Paul

by default the posts module ignores sticky posts

Assuming you are using the custom query mode this will work:

function fl_builder_loop_query_args_filter( $query_args ) {
    $query_args['ignore_sticky_posts'] = false;
    return $query_args;
add_filter( 'fl_builder_loop_query_args', 'fl_builder_loop_query_args_filter' );
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Hey thanks for the assist. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be working for me? I’ve attached a screenshot of my settings. Thoughts?

Hello, I’m having this exact same problem. I want to show the sticky post as first in the post module. I implemented that bit of code above here. However, not with good result.

I did notice that it has something to do with categories. The code seems to be working, only when there are no category filters active. I want to be able to show the sticky post at top of the module, while keeping my category filter in place. Is there a way to do this?


Hey Team - there hasn’t been much movement on resolving this issue. Is it possible to address this? Please assist, thanks! -Paul

Sticky posts with a tax query is not supported by WP_Query
See the following

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