Sticky post not working

Hi not sure if this is a theme problem or plug in problem.

Working on this new site and the blog sticky post setting is not working it is not sticking the post to the top.

See here

The second post Spring Hill Wedding Photography is set to be sticky but its not sticking??
here is a screen grab

Also it says i have 6 days left to renew but i still have not got a e-mail to renew yet.

Hey Edward,

Before we proceed further with the investigation. Let’s have you go through the plugin deactivation route first, i.e., disable all plugins and test the Beaver Builder while reactivating each to determine if the issue is related to a 3rd party plugin. Let us know how it goes!



Ok did that it did not fix it i do not have much on only CSS Hero and the Jons BB plugin turned them both off testing and still not working.

Hey Edward,

What you are you using to do sticky blog posts? Not sure if this is related to BB as I am assuming you have a plugin that is adding that functionality?

On your renewal, you’ll actually get an email the day your subscription expires and thereafter for 2 weeks. It will contain the link/coupon to renew.


Its built into to WP i am not using anything else for that every site i have has this built in as part of WP have been using it for years.

You can see it here in posts when doing a quick edit. I have never used this till now for a BB site


Here is a site i did from around 6 or 7 years ago the two top posts never change they are sticky this was added to WP around 8 years ago.

I sold that business and website years ago but they are still using 99% of my photos i shot still its very misleading they book jobs based on my photos not theirs. I am getting back into shooting now so this new site if for me now that we are in a new area and my non compete has expired.

I just tried it on another BB site of mine and it dose not work on that ether so it much be something on your end.

Tested it on a non BB site here and you can see it works moved up the post to the top you can see the post date. Nov, 19, 2015 is now on top over the Nov 22 post.

Thanks Edward, hang tight on this one. It’s entirely possible it’s a bug in our theme. We’ll be in touch soon!

Hey Edward,

The problem seems to stem from our Posts module, which is what you’re using on your site. The other sites you’ve mentioned, are using either using a blog page template, or the native WP Posts page. I’ll go ahead and file a bug report and see if there is something we can do. Thanks for the heads up! :slight_smile:


Sorry, posted my reply a bit too early! Looks like we already have this issue reported and our lead dev claims it’s gonna be a hard one to implement, if he can. The problem is our Posts module is always using a custom query to render the posts. And sticky posts don’t get honored using that method. This is actually more of a feature request than a bug, if you’ve got a minute, you can head over to our User Voice Forums and add this in :slight_smile:

As a workaround, you can create a category for sticky and normal posts and assign posts there respectively. Then on your page, you can create two posts module, the first one should only display the category for your sticky posts, then the second one your normal posts. You may encounter problems with pagination using this though.

Another way would be to use the native Posts page what WP offers. You can set one under Settings > Reading > Posts page. Problem is, you won’t be able to style the page with the page builder.

Lastly, you can just create the sticky posts layout manually, i.e., using the Text and Photo module.

Hope this helps!


Ok i think i like the last one best so it is just part of the page then.

I would have done the same thing. Have fun with BB! :slight_smile: