Themer 1.4 Alpha

1.4 Alpha 1 - 04/30/2021



  • NEW: Allow BB to be used on content area when Singular layout is applied. For now, this only works when using the Post Content Module
  • NEW: Add new option for Sticky Header to choose which breakpoints it applies to
  • NEW: Add dropdown for ACF field selection instead of an input box
  • NEW: Add defaults for Themer shortcodes
  • Make improvements to when Themer bundle files are deleted/regenerated to help with 404 error in certain circumstances
  • ACF: Expand support for True/False fields by adding the field type as an option in the field type dropdown as well as add support for the Stylized UI
  • ACF: Add support for Button Group Field
  • ACF Pro: Add support for the Smart Slider Field
  • Add field connections to Global elements
  • Add field connection options on Archive layout that pull in some latest post data
  • Make subcategory relationship visible in Themer Layout location box
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Hi Jamie,

This sounds huge!!!

But , I don’t understand how to use it. I have a Singular layout applied to all posts and that contains the Post Content Module. What do I do next?

Try to use BB to edit any of the Posts content area that have that Singular layout applied.

See for more details

Sorry Jamie. I am an idiot!

I forgot to active Beaver Builder for posts on this install . Now I see it. Brilliant stuff.

No worries - it’s all new so we expect questions :slight_smile:

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Hi Jamie.

I have this working fine on posts, but I tried a Custom Post Type and had no luck. Is that the way it is right now and is the plan to extend this to CPT’s ?

Do you have BB enabled for the CPT?

Yes I do. Not going get fooled a 2nd time!

I just tested a CPT and had no issues. Could you submit a ticket with your details of how your CPT was setup. Maybe even a screen recording that goes over:

  1. CPT Setup
  2. The Themer Layout
  3. What happens when you try to use BB for content on a post in a CPT with that Themer layout applied

And you can mention my name in the ticket too so that it comes to me.

Many thanks Jamie.

I sent in a ticket for your attention. I’m sure it must be user error.

So for anyone wondering, it looks like our next Alpha resolved @waumsley’s issue. That will be out very soon!

1.4 Alpha 2 - 05/28/2021


  • NEW: 4 new Header and Footer templates each
  • TEC: Add option in Posts Module to show Featured Events Only
  • Add Browser options to Themer Layout Rules
  • Fix jQuery Migrate warnings
  • ACF: Color picker field now outputs in a Repeater
  • Add layout's name to body tag classes
  • Update LESS library for PHP8
  • ACF: Allow field options and attributes for ACF Image Field connection

Bug Fixes

  • Using BB to design content of a page with a Themer Singular layout applied now works with Modules connected to Post Content, not just the Post Content Module
  • ACF: Fix Fatal error when using User Relationship Field Type, return format is User Object and are returning blank values
  • Fix Location dropdown showing wrong value when selected page is deleted

Oh, that is quite a big feature. I nearly missed. Seems to work well.

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Hi Jamie,

I think I have worked out all, but these two features:

Add defaults for Themer shortcodes
Add field connections to Global element

Could you give me a hint?

Many thanks

Yea this is powerful

Concider this shortcode [wpbb post:custom_field key='name'] what if it had no value, maybe you’d want a defualt…
so [wpbb post:custom_field key='name' default='Dave'].

Pretty good, but i hear you ask, what if i want the output of a shortcode to be the default?
[wpbb post:custom_field key='name' wpbb_default='wpbb post:custom_field key=whatever'].

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Great, thanks so much :smile:

Moving on to Beta so closing this thread