Themer 1.4 Alpha

1.4 Alpha 1 - 04/30/2021



  • NEW: Allow BB to be used on content area when Singular layout is applied. For now, this only works when using the Post Content Module
  • NEW: Add new option for Sticky Header to choose which breakpoints it applies to
  • NEW: Add dropdown for ACF field selection instead of an input box
  • NEW: Add defaults for Themer shortcodes
  • Make improvements to when Themer bundle files are deleted/regenerated to help with 404 error in certain circumstances
  • ACF: Expand support for True/False fields by adding the field type as an option in the field type dropdown as well as add support for the Stylized UI
  • ACF: Add support for Button Group Field
  • ACF Pro: Add support for the Smart Slider Field
  • Add field connections to Global elements
  • Add field connection options on Archive layout that pull in some latest post data
  • Make subcategory relationship visible in Themer Layout location box