Windows 10 Chrome Parallax Bug?

So I tried the scroller template as well as creating my own parallax template, on CHrome in Windows 10. And the parallax effect does not work.

It works well in Windows “Microsoft Edge” browser but not in Chrome.

I already tried it with the BB theme and a StudioPress theme and got same result, so it’s a problem with the plugin.

I understand this might not be a big issue right now since windows 10 is new, but just thought i’d bring it to your attention since a lot of people use Chrome.

Hi Luis,
Not sure this would be specific to W10 as Google does not have a specific version of Chrome for Windows 10
Cheers, Dave

Hi Dave,

yeah i’m not sure either. but it’s odd that the parallax effect doesn’t work on chrome yet it does in microsoft edge browser.

I was helping my friend set up a website for his church and was excited to show him beaver builder on my new Dell Windows 10 laptop, then was bummed when parallax was not working.

No worries, I have Windows-7, 10 and Mac here so I’ll try it and let you know my findings…
Cheers, Dave

Hi Luis,
I tried the scroller demo page on all 3 machines I have access to, across Chrome, FF, IE, Safari and Edge, but don’t see any difference between them.
Chrome installed version 44 on my Windows-10 machine.
Were you testing you own site, or the Scroller demo?
The only thing I did notice is the parallax effect is not as pronounced on some browsers…
Cheers, Dave

Hi dave,

I tested the demo and also my own website.

I have Chrome Version 44.0.2403.155 m installed. Would you mind checking what exact version of chrome you have? I’d like to figure out what’s wrong with my CHrome.

And it’s a brand new laptop, just bought it yesterday. Windows 10 was already installed.

Yes my version is exactly the same…
What do you see, do the parallax images just scroll down the page with no effect?

dave, yeah the images just scroll with the page with no effect. I already used the “parallax” effect in the row, and I also used a Photo in the row and set it to fixed.

Upon further research I noticed something fishy, so when I change the parallax effect, lets say to “slow”, without yet saving the settings, the effect actually works. But when I click on the save button there’s no more effect.

I also get the same results in the BB demo. I will do a video in the morning and post it.

Curious issue :slight_smile:

Using the latest version of Chrome (same as the one posted here) and Windows 10 with the latest updates:

  • on my desktop system, works as expected with the parallax effect
  • on my Surface Pro 3, as Luis describes: the images scroll with the page, no parallax effect

This is on a local server on each machine; same version of the local server and BB Pro as the only plugin using Dynamik Website Builder 1.9 + Genesis 2.1.3 on WP 4.2.4.

Not that it should make a difference I would think, but the desktop system was upgraded to Win 10 from Win 7 while the Surface Pro 3 was upgraded from Win 8.1.

Hmmm … more investigation to come :slight_smile:


Hi Lyle,

I did a recording of the issue I’m having. Maybe you can diagnose the problem?

Not that this matters but I’m using a Dell Inspiron 7558.


Hi Luis,

Yep, as in your screencast, my Surface Pro 3 behaves the same way as your Dell Inspiron 7558, that is, there is no parallax effect.

I just tried on my late 2010 MacBook Pro running Win 10 in Bootcamp, same version of Chrome, and the parallax works as expected. Same on my Mac Mini with the latest OS X and the same version of Chrome; parallax works fine :slight_smile:

This would lead me to believe it is some sort of hardware issue. What, exactly, I’m now sure :slight_smile:

To summarize: of my 4 systems, only the Surface Pro 3 will not display the parallax effect. This is using a live test site.

Not sure what is going on; will have to delve a bit deeper :slight_smile:

Hey guys,

Thanks for all the input here. This is a very weird issue to say the least. Do you guys think you could visit a site which uses the same Parallax Effect(not BB) and see if it works? I did a quick search and was able to find this on themeforest.

Let us know how it goes! :slight_smile:


Hi guys,

Tried the site on the Surface Pro 3 (where the BB parallax did not work) and it DOES work on this site. Hmmm … :slight_smile:


Hey Lyle,

Thanks! I’ll get the guys in on this thread and have them take a look! :slight_smile:


Additionally, the Scroller1 demo site DOES work in Chrome and Safari on my old iPad 2 as well as on Chrome on my Galaxy Tab 4 whereas the BB based parallax does not, either from the Scroller Template or built from scratch.

Hi Ben,

Same as Lyle, the Scroller1 demo DOES work in Chrome. It’s just the BB parallax that does not work.

O.k. so not sure if this info will help but here it goes.

I used this free plugin on the BB theme to create a parallax section and it works pretty good.

Then I said to myself, “there must be a better plugin out there.” so I bought a plugin from code cayon for $25.

Well, the Free plugin works and the paid plugin doesn’t! what a waste of money!

Also, I disabled the BB plugin and BB theme, and tried the FREE and Paid plugin side by side on the same page in StudioPress Parallax Pro theme.

Same results, the free plugin works and the paid plugin doesn’t.

So now the question is, what do the paid plugin and BB parallax effect have in common that is keeping them from working correctly?

O.k. So here’s a thought.

So my friend just updated from windows 8 to windows 10. And the parallax effect works on his computer.

He mentioned to me that perhaps it doesn’t work on mine because it’s a touch screen laptop. Which makes sense but at the same time it doesn’t make sense.

Because why is it that other parallax sites work on it except BB? Studiopress’ own parallax themes work and the free parallax plugin from works.

Thanks for all the input! The guys won’t be able to check in on this until Monday. :slight_smile:


Just an update.

So I think I fixed the problem. with a little help from Chrome’s “inspect element” feature and CSS Hero.

I had to put this in my CSS.

@media  screen and (min-width:1025px) { .fl-builder-content .fl-row.fl-node-55d0462d6de47 .fl-row-content-wrap {   background-attachment: fixed; }  }  
@media  screen and (min-width:1025px) { .fl-builder-content .fl-row.fl-node-55d1074704a3c .fl-row-content-wrap {   background-attachment: fixed; }  }  

Now the parallax effect in those rows works but only as a fixed photo.

The actual Background->Type-> “parallax” feature still does not work.

It’s fine with me though because I prefer the fixed photo solution.