WP Widgets not interacting with posts module

I have a Posts module on this page (i cant use woocommerce modules due to the lack of “custom post layout” which makes it impossible to output the fields i need)

When i put wordpress widgets on the page there is no output of filterable options at all, despite having configured the terms of the attributes in woocomerce.

I have put the wordpress “filter products by price” widget at the top. and 3 “filter product by attribute” widgets below, filtering by load capacity, spin speed and warranty respectively. (You can see the headings but the widgets display nothing.)

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It’s difficult to tell from your screenshots, but is this a page you have created via WordPress Admin Dashboard > Pages? If so, then the WooCommerce filter widget won’t work as they only work WooCommerce archive pages such as Shop, Product Category etc.

Thanks Danny,

The problem with that is that there needs to be a page like this for each category and there are dozens. So relying on just the WC shop page would be limiting if there can only be 1 definted shop page.

This client has Beaver Themer installed though So I created a “product category” archive layout and applied it to the washing machine category, setup like this the filters are now actually displaying the filterable product attributes in the side bar.

The new problem though is that what selecting a filter nothing changes, it will still display the same list of products. Any ideas on why that might be?

Many thanks


I replied to your ticket. The issue is you’re using Custom Query in the UABB and BB Post modules. The WooCommerce filters only work with Main Query as far as I am aware. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply Danny, even if i set it to a main query it will not filter anything.

Is beaver builder just not suitable for woocommerce filtering? Do i have to rely on WC shortcodes for this aspect?


I’ve just tested our Post module on a WooCommerce archive page and the filter widgets work without any issue.

If they’re not working for you, I would recommend not using two different Post modules. Instead, the BB Post module, make sure it is set to Main Query and add the filter widgets. Save the changes and see if this works.

If it doesn’t, I recommend disabling all plugins except for BB/Themer and see if that helps. If the issue still persists, send us a ticket again and we can take a closer look.